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You're a mom who does it all, and does it well, but do you really have to? There are plenty of products out there that can help you catch a break and still be the super mom that you are.

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Being a mom is hard. Not only do you have to regularly think about cooking your family’s meals, trying to pick up after them, and balancing your own hobbies and interests in between, but you have to keep track of your kids while doing it all. Hey, you’re a supermom, though—it just comes with the territory. Wish it could be easier? The good news is that it can be, because there are plenty of products out there to help you juggle your already-busy life while keeping an eye on your kids. 1. Cozy Cover No high chair or booster seat? No problem. This flexible harness hooks over the back of any chair to keep your baby secure no matter where you are. Buy the Cozy Cover here. 2. iBaby Monitor Say goodbye to traditional walkie-talkie baby monitors. This upgraded device has all of the features you want, and even allows you to use your smartphone to check in on your kids while you’re out of the room. Get yours here. 3. The Mommy Hook As a mom, you’re probably used to juggling lots of things at once, and that includes carrying things, as well. From carrying in the groceries to transporting all of your baby’s necessities around each and every day, it can get a little hard to keep a firm grasp on everything you have to lug with you. The Mommy Hook makes transporting everything you need just a little easier, and can also help you keep track of various bags while you’re out and about. You can use it as a clip on the stroller to keep all of your shopping bags in one place, or even hook all of your grocery bags onto it so you can go from car to house in just one trip. Get it on Amazon here. 4. Mom’s Besty Back Seat Organizer Keeping kids entertained while you’re in the car isn’t the easiest task, for a lot of different reasons. It seems like they only stay interested in one thing for just a short amount of time, and there’s not much you can do to distract them while you’re trying to drive. This backseat organizer keeps everything your kids could want right at arm’s length so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of it during the ride. There’s a see-through window for the iPad, multiple pockets to hold snacks and toys, and even a large velcro pouch that’s large enough to hold a book or a pack of wet wipes. Get it from Amazon here. 5. Responsibility Star Chart Teaching children about the importance of responsibility can be challenging—as any parent has probably found out by now, kids don’t do things they truly don’t want to do without putting up some kind of a fight. To help your kids learn about setting goals and being responsible for achieving them, this magnetic reward chart will come in handy. The chart has spaces where each child can write in their goal and a reward or experience they’d like to have when they reach their goals. They can add stars to the chart when they do things like pick up their toys, help with chores around the house, or do something to take care of the family pets. The system will help the kids adjust to having more responsibility in their lives, and we’re sure you’ll love having them help you out from time to time. Get it from Amazon here. 6. Toy Storage Baskets Every kid’s room needs a good space to house their toys, but traditional toy bins can be bulky, a little unsightly, and take up too much space. Not to mention that you have basically no hope of finding a toy that’s made its way to the bottom—at least not without taking out every single toy that’s on top. With these flexible toy crates, you can divide up the toys in your child’s room and make them much easier to find—for both your kid and for yourself. They’re also small enough that you can easily move them from room to room if you need to without much trouble, and can even be used as a small laundry hamper or even as storage throughout the rest of the house. Get a 2-Pack from Amazon here. 7. Bath Caddy Bath time can be a hectic time, especially with toddlers around. Babies are usually easy to keep in one spot, but toddlers are able to stand and move around quite a bit more, which also makes it more likely for them to accidentally slip and hurt themselves while in the tub. With a good bath caddy, you can keep everything your child needs while in the bath in one convenient spot, meaning they won’t have any reason to stand up and walk around while they’re in the slippery tub. Because the tray sits on the top of the bathtub, you can also use it to divide the tub and keep your child away from certain spots, like close to the hard metal spout. Get it from Amazon here. 8. Bath Kneeler Kids in the bath require constant attention, especially when they’re too little to move on their own or old enough that they can move wherever they want. They need mom to be there to support them, but it’s not always an easy job—in fact, kneeling on the floor for so long can actually get pretty rough on your knees fairly quickly. The Aquatopia will become any mom’s best friend when it comes to bathtime. The padded mat is comfortable to kneel on, so you won’t need to rush bathtime just so you can get some relief, and it also has two built-in mesh pockets so you can keep the shampoo and soap you need within arm’s reach, and out of the hands of your toddler. The material can be wiped down easily once bathtime is done, and the mat folds easily so it can be stored virtually anywhere. Get it from Amazon here. 9. BRICA goPad Diaper Changer Pretty much every public restroom has a changing table of some kind, but we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to trust some of them with holding your baby. Not only can they be unsanitary, but they don’t always feel completely sturdy after what’s probably been years and years of continuous use. Whether there’s no changing table around or you just don’t trust the one that’s there, this large and cushy changing pad will become a must-have in your diaper bag. The pad folds up into a compact shape for travel, and then unfolds to reveal everything you’ll need to make diaper changing a breeze. Featuring a headrest, built-in trash bag dispenser, and zippered pouch for wipes, this changing mat will be your new favorite for camping trips, picnics, and even just everyday travel. Get it from Amazon here. 10. Stroller Organizer Maybe you love your stroller, but maybe you also wish it had just a few extra features. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing one of those features was a little extra storage, this ingenious stroller organizer will give you just that, and even a few cup holders, too. As a bonus, this organizer is universal, designed to fit virtually and brand of stroller you can think of. It simply hooks over the handle of the stroller with adjustable velcro straps, so you can even move it from stroller to stroller without any worries about whether or not it’ll fit. With one main compartment and a few different pockets throughout, you’ll be able to fit in all of the essentials along with your favorite drink with no problems at all. Get it from Amazon here. 11. OXO Tot On-The-Go Travel Drying Rack with Bottle Brush Traveling with a young child is almost guaranteed to be somewhat of a hassle, especially when they’re young enough to still use bottles. The bottles on their own are enough trouble to travel with—they not only have multiple pieces, but also have to be cleaned out thoroughly to avoid anything gross growing inside them. Make bottle cleaning easier no matter where you are with this portable bottle drying rack and bottle brush. The brush consists of two pieces that can be disassembled for storage, but they still fit together sturdily when you’re ready to clean. The carrying case also opens to become a drying rack with a lined interior that’ll help keep moisture away from the bottles as they dry. Mothers can also use the kit to clean and dry the pieces of their breast pumps if they frequently pump on-the-go. Get it from Amazon here. 12. BeBe Bottle Sling Ready for hands-free feeding? This convenient sling loops over the top of your carrier to hold your baby’s bottle in just the right position—it may even help them learn to hold their own bottle faster. Juggle one less thing by getting yours here. 13. BEABA Babycook Pro Baby Food Maker Making baby food has never been easier than with the Beaba. This all-in-one device can cook, blend, and reheat your homemade baby food, all in a mere 15 minutes. Get yours here. 14. Infantino Squeeze Station Your kids love squeeze packs, but buying them over and over again can get expensive. Why not package their favorite purees yourself with this simple gadget? Buy the Squeeze Station here. 15. Boon Food Dispensing Spoon Feeding your baby can be troublesome, especially when you wish you had one free hand. Fortunately, you can with this genius spoon that’s essentially a utensil and baby food jar all in one. Easier feeding awaits you; buy your Boon Spoon here. 16. Infantino Play and Away Cart Cover and Play Mat Whether you’re keeping your kid entertained while shopping or need a clean mat for them to play on while you’re out, this colorful and padded cover does both. Get one here. 17. Baby Brezza Pro Never deal with another difficult late-night feeding again. This device is essentially a Keurig for babies, mixing formula perfectly with just the touch of a button. Get your own Baby Brezza Pro here. 18. Lollaland Lollacup Kids love sippy cups, but they easily to drop and spill. Help them out and save yourself the mess with this spill-proof cup, complete with easy-to-grip handles and a weighted straw. Buy your Lollacup from Amazon here. 19. Bentgo Leakproof Children’s Lunch Box This sturdy lunchbox can provide your child with a varied lunch throughout the week, but it can also be thrown into a diaper bag as a snack time sampler pack during the weekend. Get yours from Amazon here.

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