12 Box Subscriptions Kids Will Love

Subscription boxes are very much a thing, but there haven't been many for kids...until now.

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Looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift? These family and kid-themed subscription boxes are full of exciting activities and wonderful books that are fun and educational. 1. MyEduCrate MyEduCrate is tailored to stimulate your child’s mind with high-quality, hands-on learning materials curated by certified teachers. Your kids will have so much fun they won’t even realize they’re learning. Sign up for your box today from CrateJoy for $39.95 a month. 2. My Garden Box With My Garden Box, kids will learn the joy of developing a green thumb. Each box contains three live plants or bulbs with various care and decor items, too. Sign up today from CrateJoy for just $29.50 a month. 3. Creation Crate Get amped about electronics with the Creation Crate! Each month, the company ships a new electronic project right to your doorstep. With this crate, anyone (and we really mean anyone!) can put together these cool gadgets and learn more about how electronics work while they’re at it. Start creating today by signing up at CrateJoy for $29.99 a month. 4. Club Scikidz Labs Release the mad scientist within with the Club Scikidz Labs monthly subscription box. Each box contains challenging science, technology, and engineering experiments, plus supplies to build a home lab. Get your own Club Scikidz Labs box today by signing up on CrateJoy for $34.95. 5. The Magic Box Start learning magician’s secrets today with the Magic Box. Each month you’ll receive the equipment needed to perfect three to five new tricks, complete with access to video tutorials and instructions. Become a master of illusion by signing up on CrateJoy for $29.00 a month. 6. Little Bookish Wardrobe Jump-start your child’s imagination with the Little Bookish Wardrobe. Every box contains a new book and a costume to match the story. Enhance your costume collection and grow your library! Sign up today on CrateJoy for $32.99 a month. 7. Bookakary Box Get your kids having fun in the kitchen while learning how to cook and read with the Bookakary Box. Each month you’ll receive a new book, a delicious and kid-friendly recipe, and a baking tool. Sign up today from CrateJoy for $29.95 a month. 8. SpaceMail Pal Get excited about space with the SpaceMail Pal box. Not only will you receive fact cards and beautiful photos of our universe, each monthly delivery includes a personalized postcard from Astronaut Neil and Robot Sally. Sign up today from CrateJoy for $2.99 a month. 9. Slime Box If you love slime, you’ll love the Slime Box. This box is perfect for kids and even adults who refuse to grow up. Each month you’ll get four to six different slimes delivered right to your door. Get slimed today by signing up on CrateJoy for $11.00 a month. 10. Hagrid’s Hut Hagrid’s Hut is the perfect subscription box for Harry Potter fans. This box brings confections and trinkets from Diagon Alley right to your doorstep. Sign up at CrateJoy today for $39.99 a month. 11. Post Pal Club With the Post Pal Club, your kids will get four postcards a month, each one personalized with their own name and face incorporated into the art. Each card is pre-stamped, so all you need to do is add a message and drop them in the mail. Practice penmanship and keep in touch with loved ones, wherever they are. Sign up today from CrateJoy for $10.95 a month. 12. Reading Bug Box Get a monthly delivery of books tailored to your kid’s personal interests and tastes with the Reading Bug Box. This box is perfect for children up to age 13. Get your box from CrateJoy for $29.99 a month.

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