Best-Selling Etsy Wedding Must Haves Under $20

You don't have to overspend to personalize your wedding. We’ve collected some of Etsy's best wedding products—all of which cost less than $20.

August 22, 2018

Disclaimer: Just so you know, if you order an item through one of our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

Nobody ever said that planning a wedding was easy (and if anyone did say that, they’re a filthy, filthy liar). In order to make the day perfect, you’ll need a tremendous amount of patience.

What you don’t need, contrary to popular belief, is a lot of money. You can customize pretty much every aspect of your wedding without breaking the bank. Etsy offers hundreds of high-quality, handmade wedding products for less than $20. We decided to share a few of our favorites.

1. “Propose” to your bridesmaids with these clever cards.

Being a bridesmaid isn’t easy. These handmade cards let you show your appreciation for your bridesmaids, bridesmen, and maids/matrons/men of honor. The front bears the message “Now act surprised, like you had no idea this was coming.” A ring and heart lets the recipient know what you’ve got in mind.

Each card is printed on 100-pound cardstock, and the optional personalized drinking glass is a great add-on.

“Now Act Surprised” Bridesmaid Proposal Cards, $3.75 on Etsy

2. Don’t make your bridesmaids spend a fortune on the dress.

That’s just bad form. Your bridesmaids will tell you they don’t mind paying $200 for their matching dresses, but they will be lying. No one wants to throw down serious cash on an outfit they’re only ever going to wear once. Choose an affordable option—preferably one they’ll want to wear again.

And as a token of your gratitude for them having to shell out their money for a bridesmaid dress, give them something comfy to wear before the ceremony. Thanks to Etsy shop Hundred Hearts, you can outfit out your bridesmaids in gorgeous lace robes for as little as $15 apiece.

Even better, these silky bridesmaid robes come in a ton of colors, so you’re sure to find something that matches your palette.

Custom Bridesmaid Robes, $15.00 and up on Etsy

3. Show your appreciation for your bridesmaids or groomsmen with these customizable gift boxes.

Each brown box has the recipient’s name printed in big, flowing script, so you won’t accidentally give the wrong gift to the wrong person.

They’re made from high-quality cardboard, with dimensions of 9” x 4.5” x 4.5”. If that’s not big enough to fit your gift, consider making a “survival kit” with cosmetics, tissues, and other wedding day essentials.

Personalized Gift Box, $3.61 on Etsy

4. Complete the wow factor of your cake with a gorgeous customized topper.

A wedding cake is so much more than a dessert. It’s a symbol of your commitment, of course, but it’s also an image guests can take with them long after the leftovers are in the freezer. That’s why it’s so important to get the right cake topper, and the folks at the LaserTree Etsy store are here to help.

They offer a full range of food-safe cake toppers with a variety of finishes. Excited about taking the same last name? Go with the glittered single-letter monogram. Keeping names separate? Check out LaserTree’s selection of romantic slogans, like “I choose you” and “crazy in love,” each written out in a beautiful script.

Custom Rustic Cake Topper, $14.44 and up on Etsy

5. Kick off your bachelorette slumber party with these chic kimono-style robes.

These gorgeous satin robes are remarkably affordable, and they make great gifts for bridesmaids. Choose from 14 colors; prices start at $13, although the “fits most” option is $19. That’s not much for a cute, comfy robe, is it?

Etsy creator Lavish Robes ships via Priority Mail and offers monogram options on certain products. All robes should be machine washed with a gentle cycle and ironed with low heat.

Silky Bridesmaid Robe Set, $13.00 and up on Etsy

6. Here’s a colorful bridal bouquet that will never wilt.

With all due respect to the floral industry, it doesn’t make that much sense to spend huge sums on a bouquet that’s bound to end up in the compost. We know you can dry them, but try dusting an old bunch of dry flowers after 25 years of marriage; compost starts to look like the right call.

Some forward-thinking brides are opting for paper flower bouquets, like these beautiful offerings from FancyMadeFits on Etsy. Name your color palette and go. You can even make custom requests.

Paper Flower Bouquet, $19.00 and up on Etsy

7. This garter set features a gorgeous pearl-and-rhinestone setting.

Why settle for a simple garter? This unique set is made with a white elastic lace (other available colors include ivory, light blue, navy blue, black, and red). The rhinestone centerpiece looks amazing and should provide some extra weight when you throw it toward the groomsmen.

Etsy creator LucyBridalBoutique also offers wedding baskets, hair combs, and other wedding essentials with a similar aesthetic, so be sure to check out their full selection.

Wedding Garter Set, $17.99 and up on Etsy

8. Here’s a gift for the ring bearer who takes his job seriously.

Back in the day, ring bearers carried their treasure on a pillow. That doesn’t seem very secure. Today’s ring bearers are serious about security, which is why they’ll love this alternative to the traditional ring pillow. It’s a classic briefcase, the kind you might find handcuffed to a government official, printed with the words “RING SECURITY.”

Choose a size based on your ring bearer’s proportions. Match with a toy cuff for an adorable scene at the altar.

Ring Security Briefcase, $19.95 and up on Etsy

9. This personalized wedding cake topper adds a nice flourish to your reception.

Made with natural wood and acrylic, this handmade cake topper features the text “Mr. and Mrs. Last Name,” with your last name, obviously, and the date of the wedding. It’s relatively inexpensive for a personalized wedding item, and the real wood doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy.

It starts at $9.99, but we’d recommend picking up the optional memento box. Etsy creator PersonalizationLab offers additional customization options, so if you’ve got a great idea for a unique topper, send them a message.

Mr. & Mrs. Last Name Cake Topper, $9.99 and up on Etsy

10. Plan the perfect sand ceremony in any shade you can imagine.

Match the unity sand for your ceremony to your perfect overall palette—without waste or pollution. Colored sand options from Etsy shop The PICKED are extensive. Just take a look at the color chart available on the site to find your ideal shades.

These sands are totally non-toxic and environmentally friendly, reports the seller. They don’t have free quartz or silica floating around, and with half-pound and full-pound orders available, you can get the amount you need, in every color you desire.

Natural Wedding Sand, $2.98 and up on Etsy

11. Ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your big day with a message in a bottle.

Looking for a classy way to “propose” to your best friends? These personalized bottles should do the trick. A cork-topped bottle features the recipient’s name on the side; inside, a printed letter asks them to join you on your big day.

You can customize the roles—so, for example, one letter might ask the recipient to be a matron of honor, while the other might ask them to be a flower girl, junior bridesmaid, or anything else—and the elegant, flowing script is a nice touch.    

“Message in a Bottle” Bridesmaid Proposal, $5.65 on Etsy

12. These soaps make great bridal shower gifts.

Showers are for washing, right? So why not send bridal shower guests home with a little hunk of handmade vegan soap to celebrate the occasion?

These little soaps ship wrapped in an eco-friendly paper band that reads “From my shower to yours.” Alternately, you can choose “From our shower to yours.” Actually, you can have the labels say whatever you want; they’re customizable for a little extra fee.  

Bridal Shower Mini Soaps, $9.98 and up on Etsy

13. Give your bridesmaids a functional gift with these colorful compacts.

You’ll definitely need a few touch-ups on the big day, but so will your bridal party. These compact mirrors will help everyone look their best, and they’re the type of keepsake that they’ll actually want to keep.

A push-button top opens to two mirrors (and yes, one of them is a magnifying mirror). The front of the mirror bears the recipient’s name sealed beneath a scratch-resistant resin/epoxy finish. The backside of the mirror is rounded.

Bridesmaid Compact Mirror, $7.99 and up on Etsy

14. This is the perfect decoration for a “storybook” wedding.

When your two favorite English majors decide to tie the knot, there’s only one way to decorate the ceremony: with paper roses made from real discarded book pages. These book-page roses from Etsy seller FancyMadeFits combine the natural beauty of the flower with a little literary kick.

Unfortunately, you can’t request particular books, since these are ecologically sourced from old, ruined books. So no Naked Lunch roses, which is probably a good thing, since your grandmother will be there.  

Book Page Roses, $8.00 on Etsy

15. It’s not a wedding in 2018 if there aren’t a few Mason jars.

When did Mason jars become wedding essentials? We don’t know, and we don’t care—we’re completely on board.

These Mason jar mugs make a memorable keepsake for the bride and groom, wedding party, and/or guests, and they’re an essential pickup if you’re planning a chic wedding. Each mug bears the name of the bride and groom along with the date of the wedding. And they’re laser etched so they’re dishwasher safe.  

Wedding Day Mason Jar, $9.10 and up on Etsy

16. Thank your wedding party with these gorgeous cards.

When the wedding’s over, you need to thank everyone who helped make the day special. A standard, by-the-numbers thank you card won’t work—and that’s where these hand-designed cards come into play. Printed on high-grade card stock, they feature an intricate graphic on the front and a blank interior.

Choose from a variety of colors, then pick up your pen and tell your wedding party what you really think (positive thoughts only, of course).

Wedding Thank You Card Set, $10.00 on Etsy

17. If you’re tossing a garter at your wedding, this is the one to toss.

Odds are, the bride is only going to wear a garter once in her life. You may as well make the most of it. An Etsy store called LovingItDesigns offers a personalized, embroidered lace garter with your own special message. Maybe you just want to go with a name or both of your names. Maybe you’d prefer a cheeky little note to the catcher of the undergarment. “You’re Next!” is always popular.

Anyway, these are available as garters to toss or keep. They’re even available as both. Choose between ivory or white lace. Just don’t ask to add a date; these do not include dates.

Embroidered Personalized Wedding Garters, $9.75 and up on Etsy

18. Simplify your wedding reception with these place card holders.

Sure, you could ask your guests to read confusing seating charts, but these affordable card holders are a much better option.

Made from brass wire (gold, silver, copper, and black options are available), they’re a classy option for receptions, and they’re remarkably affordable. An angled bar on the front holds the name card in place.

Place Card Holder, $3.00 and up on Etsy

19. Bring a natural, woodsy aesthetic to your wedding table decorations.

Rustic chic is still in style at today’s high-fashion wedding. Pull off the look for less by sourcing your own centerpiece vases made of beautiful natural birch bark. These vases make ideal table decorations, and along with simple wildflower arrangements, they tie together the room with a warm, natural vibe.

Pick up a few and hand them over to your florist for a professional touch. A great arrangement starts with the right vessel; this could be the one for you.

Natural Birch Bark Vases, $13.90 on Etsy

20. These personalized clothes hangers add a nice touch to your wedding prep.

You’ve done all of the legwork, picked up all of the dresses and suits, fielded about a thousand calls from your mother, and somehow survived the bachelorette party. Now, all you’ve got to do is actually get dressed for the wedding.

That’s where these custom hangers come into play. Are they necessary? Absolutely not—but they’re a great way to add your personal touch to those final few hours before the ceremony. Each high-quality hanger incorporates some text, and you can add a top date line for an extra $7.50.

Personalized Wedding Hanger, $3.75 and up on Etsy

21. Once she says “yes,” you still have to pop the question to your ring bearer. Here’s a great way to do it.

Sure, your ring bearer might be 6 years old, but it’s still polite to ask. This easy-building jigsaw puzzle is a fun way to invite your chosen participant to be part of your wedding ceremony. It’s fully customizable, of course, so you can include your names—and the name of your ring-bearing hopeful—to the image itself.

A whimsical font reads, “Will you be our ring bearer?” Of course, the recipient will have to do a little work before the message becomes legible. That’s what’s so fun about it! Kids love puzzles, and they love invitations, and therefore this is a thing that kids will love.   

“Will You Be Our Ring Bearer” Puzzle, $7.20 on Etsy

22. When the bachelorette party gets going, guests will be grateful for these cute hair ties.

Who doesn’t love a pineapple? These hair ties feature your choice of wedding-themed message on a print of the cutest of all fruits. Bachelorette party favors are best when they employ dad-joke-worthy wordplay, and here’s a winner in the genre: “To have and hold…YOUR HAIR BACK.”

This phrase appears on many of the 12 slogans you can choose for these party favors. Others include more earnest fare, like “I can’t tie the knot without you!” and the ever-classy “Thank you!”

Choose your color of paper and ink for the label. No customization available on the cards, we’re afraid, but you’re bound to find the one that’s right for you.

Pineapple Bachelorette Hair Tie Favors, $1.91 and up on Etsy

23. Send wedding guests home with a reminder of your beach ceremony.

Nothing’s more romantic than a beach wedding, and some of the magic comes from the salty scent of ocean air. Here’s an adorable, hand-poured soy candle that exudes the freshness of a beach party. In fact, you don’t have to get married on the beach to bring the atmosphere to your ceremony; just light a few of these and enjoy!

Each candle comes poured in a 4-ounce glass jar, complete with a traditional metal screw-on cap. Ask for customized paper labels to remind your guests of the special day. A length of twine with a cute metal starfish charm completes the package.  

Beach Wedding Soy Candle Favors, $5.25 on Etsy

24. Bring a gentle glow to your outdoor wedding with these beautiful rustic fairy lights.

These warm-glowing LED lights bring a romantic ambiance to any nighttime event. But we’re here to talk about weddings, and these lights are built for the event. They’re powered by a few AA batteries and glow for something like 80,000 hours (or until the batteries run out, whichever happens first).

Short strings make magical centerpieces coiled in a Mason jar. Longer lengths can transform a tree into a gigantic lamp. Bulbs appear regularly along silvery copper wire, which is easy to bend into shape. In short, if you’re throwing an outdoor wedding after the sun goes down, these fairy lights are the key to setting the scene.

LED Fairy Lights, $1.71 and up on Etsy

25. When your save-the-date notice comes with a customized pencil, your guests can’t say they “forgot” to RSVP!

Your wedding really starts with your save-the-date notice. That’s your chance to prepare the guests for your style and color palette, providing a gentle hint as to what they can expect on the big day. So you can see why we love these wood-finished customized pencils.

Professionals engrave the names of the couple along with the wedding date. Choose a backing card and envelope to complete the package. If you plan to elope, just order the single-pencil sample pack and keep it for yourself; it’s your wedding, after all!

Engraved Save the Date Pencils, $1.31 and up on Etsy

26. When your girl is getting married, “OMG” is the only appropriate response.

It takes a special kind of friend to commemorate your wedding with a tattoo—unless, of course, you give them a shiny gold temporary tattoo for the bachelorette party. These flash tats say what was written all your friends’ faces when you told them you said yes: “OMG.” A huge diamond sticks up out of the O, adding a dash of bling to an already pretty blinged-out skin decoration.

Tats come individually packaged for sanitary reasons, and they default to glittery gold; other colors are available through the Dunkirk Designs Etsy store.  

OMG Gold Bachelorette Temporary Tattoos, $2.00 on Etsy

27. If you’re opting for cupcakes over a cake, these heart toppers make an adorable addition.

They feature a heart design inspired by the flag of Maryland (but if you’re not in Maryland, you can just ignore that little detail). The muted colors give them an elegant look, and they’re attached to a small wooden dowel for sticking into cupcakes or other snacks.

You can get a set of 25 for $10; larger quantities are available at a reduced price per item.

Maryland Flag Cupcake Toppers, $10.00 and up on Etsy

28. Say it loud, say it proud: You’re with the bride.

Psyched to be a bridesmaid? Ready for the bachelorette party? Why not tell the world? These shirts come in your choice of T or tank. Choose between two text options: “Bride” or “Squad.” Stand next to your bestie to show the world who you’re rolling with.

These shirts make ideal gifts for bridal parties. They’re indispensable during a girls’ night out (including the ultimate girls’ night out, which is a bachelorette party). In fact, the only time when you probably shouldn’t wear your Bride Squad shirt is during the ceremony itself.

Bride/Squad Shirts, $12.99 and up on Etsy

29. Give your bachelorette a “tattoo” of her groom (or anyone else).

You really shouldn’t take the groom along on the bachelorette activities—that’s sort of the entire point of the party—but these temporary tattoos will bring him along in spirit. Upload his image, then choose your hashtag (other options are available for adding additional text).

These temporary tats make for hilarious party favors, and they’re easy to wash off with soap and water. You know, just in case his all-knowing glare starts to freak you out.

Temporary Tattoo Bachelorette Party Favors, $2.69 and up on Etsy

30. Let your guests request songs—while still letting the DJ do their thing.

These classy song request cards should help your DJ stay organized. Your guests simply write down their song request in a standard “Song Title – Artist” format, and the DJ can flip through them, filtering out all of the “Electric Slide” requests as needed.

They’re available via digital download, so they’re a great last-minute addition before the reception. Customizations are available, courtesy of Etsy creator TheNiaDesigns.

Printable Wedding DJ Song Request Card, $10.00 on Etsy

31. Keep your guests hydrated well into the night with these engraved steel bottles.

The wedding day can get long. That’s great, since it’s a blessed event and everything, but you can’t have guests passing out on the dance floor. You’ve got to keep everyone hydrated.

That’s what makes these tasteful steel bottles such great bridal party gifts. Choose your text—you get two lines of up to 14 characters each, so there’s plenty of room—and hand them out at the reception. They’ll make great keepsakes, and since they’re stainless steel, they’ll last forever.

The walls are double insulated, so they’re pretty good for coffee, too. During the wedding, though, maybe everyone should stick to water.

Personalized Steel Water Bottles, $19.99 on Etsy

32. These engraved corkscrews make great gifts for groomsmen.

The wooden handle is engraved with the name and role of the recipient along with the year of the wedding. Etsy creator ForeverWeddingCrafts notes that they can customize the handle to say “anything,” so if you’ve got additional ideas for customization, be sure to contact them.

Eight design options are available. Each bottle opener also contains a corkscrew and an additional fold-out opener. If you want to give the type of gift that they’ll actually use for years after the big day, this is an excellent option.

Personalized Bottle Openers and Corkscrews, $9.99 and up on Etsy

33. Remind your husband-to-be why he’s marrying you in the first place.

You’re not supposed to see the groom before you walk down the aisle. It’s bad luck. But that doesn’t mean you can’t send him a little reminder that when you said “yes,” he lucked out big time.

This adorable gift bag is the perfect way to send your love while he’s in quarantine with the groomsmen. It’s a simple drawstring sack made of natural cotton. Hand-printed text reads, “Husband to be, a little gift for you before we say ‘I do.'” You can add custom text, like the time of your ceremony, or your name.

The real gift is your marriage, of course, but a token like this certainly won’t hurt.

Husband-to-Be Gift Bag, $2.97 and up on Etsy

34. If you haven’t considered a silicone wedding ring, this might convince you.

No one grows up dreaming of the beautiful silicone wedding band they’ll slip on at the ceremony. That’s a shame. Silicone actually has a lot going for it. It’s safe, comfortable, and totally hypoallergenic. It can even prevent injuries—don’t even ask what a “ring avulsion” is. And they can actually look pretty good.

These silicone wedding bands from Knot Theory offer a gorgeous, low-cost alternative to precious-metal rings. Some couples use them as substitutes for when they travel or when metal rings might interfere with work. Others pick silicone from the get-go.   

Have a look; this could be the answer to your wedding-band woes.   

Silicone Wedding Band, $19.99 on Etsy

35. Send your guests home with the gift of music.

It’s customary to give gifts at weddings and not just to the bride and groom. You might give keepsakes to the bridal party, the groomsmen, or even all your guests. This might be the most romantic wedding gift we’ve seen, and we spend a lot of time on Etsy.

This small cardboard music box has a classic, almost antique charm. A music staff and Italian text complete the look. The real magic happens when you give the thing a crank. Even better, you get to choose your favorite melody from a pretty extensive list. We’d go with the “Gymnopédies” by Erik Satie, but maybe you’re more of a Game of Thrones theme type. Shoot, you can even pick “Jingle Bells” if you want.  

Hand-Cranked Music Box Gift, $13.71 on Etsy

36. When you say “I do,” feel it in your sole.

Sorry, but we couldn’t let that pun slip by. These removable stickers are easy to apply; peel them back, then press them to the arch of your shoes. The adhesive crystals spell out “I do,” with the “o” in the shape of a wedding ring.

Sure, nobody will see these during the ceremony, but they’ll catch a glimpse while you’re dancing at the reception, and they’re a lot of fun to display during your wedding pictures. Each order includes a cute instruction card.

I DO Wedding Shoe Stickers, $7.00 on Etsy

37. You might want to send these socks to the groom, just in case.

Some folks get really nervous as the wedding day approaches. Most, even. This might not be the best time to make jokes about “cold feet.”

On the other hand, when better to make those jokes? These personalized socks will give some guys a chuckle while provoking anxiety attacks in others, so know your audience. “So you don’t get…cold feet,” they say. “Love [your name here].”

Oh man, what if you were freaking out in the dressing room and these socks turned up? That would either be hilarious or the opposite of hilarious.

“So You Don’t Get Cold Feet” Socks, $5.30 on Etsy