Bedtime Habits That Will Actually Help You Lose Weight

Put down those dumbbells, it's time to catch some Z's

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Losing weight while you sleep sounds too good to be true, but there are actually ways to make this happen. If you’re looking to drop some pounds, here are some tips for you to follow before you get into bed. Whether it’s upping your metabolism or just helping you get a good night’s sleep, these tips will give you amazing results.

1. Eat some dairy late in the evening.

Many of us crave a late night snack before climbing into bed. If that’s you, eat some cheese, some Greek yogurt, or just drink a glass of milk. This dairy will kick your metabolism into gear. This because dairy is full of casein, a slow-to-digest form of protein. Eating dairy before bed, combined with strength training, will help you build lean muscle while you sleep. Lean muscle is the key to being slim. HealthyWay

2. Sleep with the temperature turned down.

Many of us like sleeping in a room that’s a little chilly. That’s actually good because it will help your body burn fat while you sleep. The idea temperature for your room is reported to be 66.2 degrees. At that temperature, your body converts white fat into brown fat. That’s important because brown fat is used to heat the body while white fat is used to store energy. HealthyWay

3. Make sure you have the right lighting for your room.

Sleeping in a dark room ensures that your body gets the melatonin it needs to get refreshing sleep. This refreshing sleep ensures that your metabolism is working the way it should. It’s not just enough to sleep in total darkness, however. As the sun begins to set, you should begin to dim your indoor lighting. This allows your brain to begin producing melatonin, ensuring that you [linkbuilder id=”6764″ text=”fall asleep”] quickly. HealthyWay

4. Do some yoga before bedtime.

Heavy exercising before bed is a bad idea because it gives your brain and body tons of energy right when you’re trying to wind down. Doing some yoga or some stretching, however, can help you relax. While you’re doing this, you should pay close attention to your breathing. Doing deep, diaphragmatic breathing activates your “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system. This reduces stress and helps you to quickly fall asleep. HealthyWay

5. Avoid the alcohol.

Many of us like to have a glass of wine to unwind and help us fall asleep. While this might be effective in making you tired, it actually prevents you from getting the refreshing sleep you need. When you drink before bed, your body spends the night metabolizing the sugar in the liquor. That impacts your sleep cycles, interferes with your REM sleep, and causes you to wake up feeling groggy the next day. HealthyWay

6. Make sure you wind down.

Before getting ready for bed, take some time for yourself. Whether this is reading a book, meditating, or engaging in any activity you enjoy, this can help you get quality sleep. When you take some time unwind, you help your brain relax. This relaxation results in more fulfilling sleep that will keep your metabolism humming throughout the day. HealthyWay

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