40 Baby And Toddler Products That Belong On Every New Mom’s Registry

Build your registry confidently with the help of insider info on 40 highly rated baby and toddler products.

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Getting your home ready for baby can be downright overwhelming. Becoming a new mom is a huge transition and stocking up on baby supplies is a good way to get a head start and prepare yourself for the change. Unfortunately, with so many options to choose from, it’s almost impossible to decide which products are worth spending money on and will actually come in handy down the road. No one wants to end up with closets stuffed with baby gear taking up space. One of the best ways to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to buying baby gear is seeing what other parents have bought, used, and loved before. Check out these 40 baby and toddler products with high ratings and gushing reviews on Amazon, and put what you need on your baby registry ASAP.

1. The Basic Onesies You’ll Want in Every Size

There is a good reason why this five pack of Gerber onesies is a number one bestseller on Amazon—this basic wardrobe piece is so useful! It might seem like nothing special at first glance, but a white onesie is perfect for layering under sleepers on cold nights or acting alone for lazy summer days at home. Order a five pack or two in every single size. Always keep a spare in the diaper bag; you’ll be so glad you did the first time you come face-to-face with your first changing table fiasco or your gassy baby spits up all over an outfit. Gerber Unisex Baby 5-Pack Short-Sleeve White Onesies, $9.99 from Amazon

2. A Manual Breast Pump for Easy Expression

Having an electric double pump is perfect for working moms expressing breast milk several times a day, but there’s something so simple about having a manual pump on hand at home. An electric pump can be cumbersome and takes time to set up. Plus, if you’re pumping out and about, you have to find an outlet or keep your bag stocked with batteries. Whether you’re slowly starting to build your freezer stash for a return to work or need an easy way to express milk on date night, the NatureBond Silicone Manual Pump provides efficient milk expression and it’s one of the most affordable pumping options out there. NatureBond Silicone Manual Breast Pump, $14.79 from Amazon

3. A Discreet, Milk-Saving Cup

While we’re talking about amazing breastfeeding products, we can’t fail to mention Freemie Collection Cups. At $59.99, these are definitely an investment, but they could be a lifesaver for working moms struggling to find a few moments alone to pump. Since they can be worn under your shirt, they’re easily concealable. This allows you to pump while working at your desk, completely hands-free so you can stay on task on busy days. The Freemie Collection Cups can be used with most electric pumps and collect up to eight ounces in each cup. Once you’ve finished pumping, the milk can be easily dumped into a storage bag. Freemie Collection Cups, $59.99 from Amazon

4. A Multi-Functional Nursing Cover

Nursing covers should be all about what makes mom most comfortable, and this nursing cover accomplishes just that. It’s a lightweight fabric that slips over your neck like a scarf, allowing for full coverage in the front and on both sides, but an easy view for mom from the top. This nursing cover is also multi-functional, which is awesome. It serves as a car seat cover, meaning once mom is done nursing, she can stretch it over the infant carrier to ensure complete shade from light in or outdoors so the happily fed babe can rest. The cover can also be stretched over highchairs or shopping carts to protect your baby from germs, be worn as a poncho, or be wrapped like an infinity scarf. Breastfeeding Scarf and Baby Car Seat Canopy, $16.99 from Amazon

5. A Sustainable Baby Bottle

Even if you plan to breastfeed, it’s a good idea to have bottles on hand in case your baby needs to eat during short spurts of separation. Plus, with all the extra breast milk you’ve been stashing away, you just might decide you need a date night or solo trip to the coffee shop for a little peace and quiet. The more we learn about plastic, the more clear it becomes that it’s better to avoid this hard-to-recycle product that can come with potential health risks. A glass baby bottle is a sustainable alternative and Evenflo Bottles have a ton of amazing feedback from moms who have used them. It’s a vented bottle, which means it may help reduce colic in babies dealing with gassy tummies. Evenflo Glass Premium Proflo Vented Bottles, $18.99 for a 6-pack from Amazon

6. A Safe Option for Warming Up Bottles

Since microwaving bottles can overheat the milk and even create unexpected hot spots that can burn your baby’s tongue, most people heat their baby bottles in warm water. This has never been a perfect solution because it takes a lot of time. When you’ve got a very hungry baby on your hands, it feels like it takes forever. The Philips AVENT Warmer is a safe option for warming up bottles because it warms the milk evenly by circulating it during the warming process. It’s also a quick option, taking only three minutes to warm a bottle to a perfectly drinkable temperature. Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer. $22.62 from Amazon

7. A Simpler Solution to Bottle Cleaning

Sometimes we don’t realize something is a problem until a product solves that problem for us. Keeping bottles clean is likely one of those annoying little tasks you didn’t know could get a little easier. The bottle brush from OXO not only has a brush for cleaning the bottle itself, it also has a brush the size of a pipe cleaner for scrubbing out bottle nipples. This particular bottle cleaner comes with a stand, so you can keep it handy and clean on your kitchen counter no matter how cluttered it might be with other newborn baby supplies. OXO TOT Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand, $6.99 from Amazon

8. A Darling Drying Rack for All Those Baby Bottles

Once you become a mom, baby bottles, sippy cups, dishes, and tiny spoons will quickly start to take over your kitchen. Why not give them an adorable place to rest? This Boon Lawn Drying Rack looks like a well-manicured lawn and the flexible blades of grass are perfect for drying tiny dishes of all sizes. It is also a part of a collection, with add-ons like trees with branches for bottle lids or flowers to hold freshly sanitized pacifiers. The rack easily disassembles into two pieces for a quick clean between uses. Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack Green, $21.99 from Amazon

9. For Warming Up Cold Wipes

Brrr! Wipes right from the package can startle sleepy babes during midnight diapers changes. A wipe warmer keeps wet wipes at a more comfortable temperature, ready to go for diaper changes at any time of the day or night. There are a lot of wipe warmers out there, but this particular model by hiccapop enjoys a four-and-a-half star rating on Amazon. Here is what Shannon, a mom and Amazon reviewer had to say:

I wish we had one these back when my oldest child was a baby…I can tell the baby enjoys it as well…No more visible flinching when touched with a cold wet wipe!

hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser, $34.92 from Amazon

10. A Mess-Free Diaper Cream Application Option

Many diaper creams are made to be water resistant, protecting tiny tushes from the irritation of a wet or soiled diaper. Unfortunately for the caregivers doing the applying, this also means that washing your hands after application involves a lot of scrubbing and the smell can take hours to dissipate from your hands. Allow us to introduce an amazing little tool made for the sole purpose of taking some of the mess out of diaper changing. The Diaper Cream Brush by BabyBum is literally a spatula for diaper paste application—genius! This particular option is a two pack that includes a full-size spatula for home and a travel size to keep in your diaper bag. BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush, $17.99 from Amazon

11. A Little-Discussed New-Mom Healing Product

Giving birth comes with all kinds of little surprises, and the healing process after giving birth often doesn’t get a lot of airtime until you’ve already had your baby. After giving birth, you’ll quickly learn that it is going to take a bit of time before you’re healed enough to wipe without pain. From the same geniuses responsible for the NoseFrida (more on that later), this easy-to-use portable bidet is exactly what a new mom needs for a gentle cleaning option. It’s the baby product you never knew you needed that will quickly become your new best friend. Fridababy Fridet, The MomWasher, $14.99 from Amazon

12. An Easy-to-Clean Bib That Actually Works

Your life may be all bottle warmers and breast milk now, but it won’t be long before your suckling babe is ready for big kid food, and it’s going to come with a lot of mess. Bibs may be a no-brainer for parents everywhere, but not all bibs are created equal! Some bibs require a run in the washer after every use and others do very little to guard your baby’s lap from dropped food. Baby Bibs makes a waterproof, silicone bib that addresses all the mealtime messes. Not only is it easy to clean, requiring nothing more than a dunk in soapy water and good wipe with a rag, it also has a shelf that can catch food that misses your baby’s mouth. Waterproof Silicone Bib, $18.97 for a 2-pack from Amazon

13. A Sanity-Saving Placemat

Even if it’s only a phase, there’s nothing quite as aggravating as watching your toddler toss a plate full of food on the floor. Most babies don’t mean any harm; they’re just looking for a little fun. Make mealtime a little less chaotic with a placemat-and-plate combo that actually suctions to the table or highchair. Made from silicone, this placemat from Silivo contains a plate shaped like a darling little elephant and separated into sections for different kinds of foods. It’s a parent favorite on Amazon, too. Silicone Baby Placemat, $15.99 from Amazon

14. A Yummy Teething Solution

Introducing solid foods can create a lot of anxiety for moms. It is completely normal to worry about the risk of choking, and Munchkin has found a great way to assuage those worries with their Fresh Food Feeder. Parents can place solid foods in the mesh bag, which is attached to an easy-to-hold, BPA-free plastic ring. Then, their child can happily munch on the food without the risk of them biting off more than they can chew. Outside of serving as a safe introduction to solid foods, the Fresh Food Feeder can be used for teething relief. Instead of food, you can place a small chunk of frozen breastmilk or frozen baby food in the mesh bag so your teething baby can gum on it for pain relief. Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder, $5.99 for 2-pack from Amazon

15. An Introduction to Lidless Cups, Without the Spills

Transition to a lidless cup without daily spills. The Miracle 360 Trainer Cup is another genius product by Munchkin. Although the cup has a lid, it’s a spoutless one, meaning instead of sucking a spout or straw, your child can tip the cup and drink just as they would from a lidless cup. The cup has a seal around the entire rim that will allow your child to sip without dribbling or spilling their drink. According to reviewers, it is simple enough for young toddlers to figure out and it doesn’t leak (even when it gets thrown across the room). Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup, $12.99 for a 2-pack from Amazon

16. A Snack Cup for Road Trips and Play Dates

When it comes time to pack snacks, any old ziplock will do, right? Not so fast. Think just how awesome it would be if a product existed that allowed toddlers to reach in and grab a bite or two at a time without spilling their crumbs everywhere.   Made with soft flaps instead of a lid, this cup is the spill-proof snack caddy you never knew you needed. According to reviewer Katelyn Schreyer, these cups don’t leak crumbs in the diaper bag and were simple for her nine-month-old twins to figure out. “You can fill it with Goldfish or Cheerios and throw it and nothing will come out. Of course, a baby will still get things out and make a mess, but this paces the mess-making,” she says. Munchkin Two Piece Snack Catcher, $4.39 from Amazon

17. A Gentler Stuffy Nose Cleaner

Bulb syringes may be an efficient option for clearing out a stuffy nose, but they’re no fun for mom or baby! Whether you’ve got a newborn or a wriggling toddler, it’s awful having to pin them down to suction out their nose while they scream. The Nose Frida is a gentler way to clean out a stuffy nose because you control the suction with your mouth. Before you get totally grossed out, you should know that a barrier sponge prevents snot from passing from the plastic snot receptacle into the tube you place in your mouth. PHEW! Another perk of the Nose Frida is that it is way easy to clean since it easily disassembles for quick sanitation. NoseFrida the Snotsucker, $19.86 from Amazon

18. A Potty Seat for Any Toilet

When you’re potty training, it’s easy to feel like you’re confined to living your life within a few feet of the bathroom, ready to race your child to the potty chair at the slightest hint they might need to go. This is the product that will help you regain your freedom without putting your toddler back in diapers. The Munchkin Potty Seats fits on top of the seat of full-size toilets, has handles for kids to hang onto, and is perfectly sized for little potty trainees. Pack it for vacation or send it to the in-laws when you and your partner need a night out but want to keep up with potty training efforts. Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat, $11.99 from Amazon

19. A Solution for On-the-Go Diaper Changes

A bestseller on Amazon, the Skip Hop Portable Changing Station is all about keeping diaper changes convenient and clean. Since it easily fits in a diaper bag, it’s a baby product you can bring with you anywhere. When your baby needs a change, it can be unfolded on any surface. With a pocket for wipes and a few diapers as well as a handle, it can easily act as a small diaper bag when you’re just running to the store or don’t feel like packing the entire arsenal of on-the-go baby gear. One reviewer wrote that she uses it to store a onesie, pants, diaper cream, and hand sanitizer in addition to a diaper and wipes. The changing pad is available in 11 different colors and matches many of the other Skip Hop baby products Skip Hop Baby Pronto Portable Changing Station, $29.28 from Amazon

20. Keep Baby Cool During Summer Months

Stop worrying about whether your baby is staying cool enough in their rear-facing seat during summer months. This cute little fan can be charged in advance using a USB port and clips on the hood of infant carriers, blowing cool air into your child’s seat to keep them comfortable. It’s a lightweight fan with a lot of power and it features 360-degree rotation, meaning it will really get the air moving. Because this is a chargeable fan, you can also attach it to strollers for outings in the summer heat. Battery Operated Clip On Fan, $19.99 from Amazon

21. A Blind That Keeps Bright Sunlight out of the Back Seat

When babies are buckled tightly and safely in their car seats, there is little they can do to escape the glaring sun on hot summer days. Made by Enovoe, this set of window shades clings directly to the windows, providing baby with sun protection while they ride in the car. This car window shade blocks 97 percent of UV rays. It’s an affordable no-brainer safety purchase that easily gets forgotten during the process of baby proofing. Enovoe Car Window Shade, $12.97 for 4-pack from Amazon

22. A Mirror For Long Car Rides

Rear-facing is the safest, and legal, option for babies and young toddlers, but it also means baby’s face is obscured from view. This back seat mirror allows you to keep a close eye on baby or simply exchanged smiles during a long car ride. Easy to install and fully adjustable, it works in most vehicles and gives you a wide view of the backseat. Sonilove Baby Car Mirror, $13.98 from Amazon

23. A Carrier That Grows with Baby

A really great baby carrier can be a lifesaver for moms with their hands full. Whether you’re looking to free up your hands so you can hold onto to your older kids or carry groceries inside, or you’re looking for a way to comfort a needy baby while getting a few things done, you’re going to be glad you made this baby product a non-negotiable part of your baby registry. The great thing about the Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Carrier is that it grows with your baby and can be used from eight pounds up to 32 pounds. It can also be worn in many ways, including on your back or with baby facing out to see the world. Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier, $29.69 from Amazon

24. A Hands-Free Backpack Diaper Bag

Bring everything you need to take care of your baby on the go without tying up your hands with an awkward or clunky diaper bag. This backpack diaper bag is seriously perfect for busy moms, with a pocket for keeping bottles warm, a waterproof interior liner, and plenty of room for diapers, teething toys, and an extra change of clothes. Available in six different colors, including black, green, pink, and purple. Multi-Functional Diaper Backpack, $35.99 from Amazon

25. A Cute Backpack for Toddlers That Keeps Them Safe

Leashes get a lot of criticism in the parenting world, but there is something to be said for a product that helps moms with multiple kids keep their busy toddlers safe. If you’ve got one of those toddlers who is hard to keep track of or you simply don’t have enough hands to walk all of your kids through a parking lot, this is a product that will bring you a lot of peace of mind. Available in green and blue or pink and gray, this backpack harness with an attached leash looks less like a leash and more like a fashion accessory for your tot. Brica By-My-Side Safety Harness Backpack, $14.95 from Amazon

26. A Solution For All That Stroller Clutter

Babies come with a lot of stuff, and strollers rarely have enough pockets for everything you need on the go. Make your stroller a little more functional with a stroller organizer that attaches to the handle. With space for extra cups, your phone, snacks, diapers, and toys, you won’t even need to bring a diaper bag along on your next trip to the park. One Amazon reviewer said she had only positive things to say about this organizer, that the design is sleek, and that it was obviously so well thought out by the manufacturers. Stroller Organizer with Cup Holders, $31.99 from Amazon

27. Hassle-Free Cabinet Latches

If you’ve ever installed cabinet latches, you know they’re a total pain. Everything has to line up perfectly for them to work properly and adding them to every shelf is generally a tedious baby proofing project to take on. The Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Latches are totally low fuss. Instead of attaching with screws, they attach using adhesive and are pretty easy to install and adjust to get the right fit. They’re also easy to remove and won’t leave holes or marks on cabinets, meaning you can ditch them all together once you’re ready to move past the locked cabinets phase of parenting. Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches, $7.99 for a pair from Amazon

28. An Easy-to-Open Baby Gate

Even if you don’t have stairs to worry about, it is nice to have the option to keep baby contained once they start to move. A baby gate that can be easily opened by mom but keep baby out is a great way to create boundaries when you want to keep them out of unsafe rooms or if you’re simply trying to keep the toy tornado contained to a single part of the house. Finding a baby gate that fits doorways and hallways can sometimes be tough, but this extra wide option from Regalo comes with a kit for adjusting the size and adding six inches of width. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, $32 from Amazon

29. Corner Protectors for Newly Walking Toddlers

Keeping a newly walking toddler from injuring themselves can easily become a full-time job. Give your baby some room to explore and yourself a break from constantly intercepting them before they run into a corner by baby proofing the dangerous and potentially painful aspects of your home. Toddlers seem to be the perfect height for running their heads right into end table and coffee table corners and that’s where these corner guards come in handy. They’re clear, so they’re not a total eyesore, and they’re easy to install with adhesive backing. Clear Corner Protectors, $16.95 for 20-pack from Amazon

30. A Booster Seat for On the Go

Family get-togethers or dinner out can be a real pain if there aren’t high chairs or booster seats handy. The Summer Infant Portable Booster is easy to unfold and can be placed in a chair at the table or on the floor our ground outdoors. Made for indoor or outdoor use, this is a baby essential that will likely get a lot of use. It includes a carrying bag and is available in aqua, blue, green, and pink. Summer Infant Pop N’ Sit Booster, $29.99 from Amazon

31. Easy-to-Grip Nail Clippers for Tiny Fingers and Toes

Every parent has heard a horror story from a friend or family member who accidentally cut the tip of their child’s finger while trimming their nails. It’s hard not to be terrified of touching them at all! The Steady Grip Nail Clippers from Safety First are perfect for adults hands but have clippers small enough for tiny fingers and toes. Check out this hilarious, but oh-so-accurate review from James:

Clipping a child’s nails is like trying to wrestle a pig in mud at times. If you can relate, these are for you. The larger body and handle of these trimmers give you complete control as you try to pin down your little bundle of joy and try to not clip off their entire finger.

Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Clippers, $3.49 from Amazon

32. A Toothbrush That Makes Brushing Baby’s Teeth Easy

Speaking of wrestling a pig in the mud, let’s talk about just how dramatic those first several months of brushing our babies’ teeth can be. Talking a teething baby into holding still for 90 seconds is no easy task. Meet the finger brush. It has tiny rubber bristles and slips on your finger. You can use it to gently brush food away from your baby’s teeth and introduce the taste of toothpaste without too much fuss. According to reviewers, many babies actually enjoy chewing on the toothbrush (while it’s on a parent’s finger) for relief from teething. Baby Finger Toothbrush by BabyBaus, $7.97 for a 3-pack from Amazon

33. A Soft Bath for Newborn Babies

Bathtime is a parenting ritual that is surprisingly nerve-wracking during the early months of your baby’s life. For months, babies are too wobbly to sit on their own and young babies make random jerks and movements until their muscles get stronger. Made for very young babies, the Blooming Bath Lotus is like a pillow for bathtime. Shaped like a flower, it fits into most sinks, giving your baby a soft place to rest that is a great alternative to hard, plastic baby baths. Blooming Bath Lotus, $39.99 from Amazon

34. A Bath Seat That Steadies Young Babies

Even after babies start sitting, they continue to take regular, unexpected falls and have trouble staying balanced, especially in the bath. Parents should always hold onto unsteady babies in the bath and remain within arms reach once they’re sitting well on their own. That said, this special baby bath adds a little extra security to the bathtime routine by acting as an extra support for baby. The arms extend to suction in place on the tub walls, making it easy to set up for and pull down after each bath. Summer Infant My Bath Seat, $39.99 from Amazon

35. A Bath Toy That Monitors the Water Temperature

Make sure your baby’s baths are always comfortable and safe with this baby bath toy that doubles as a water thermometer. This fun rubber duck floats on the water and displays the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit as well as the time. If the water gets too hot or too cold, an alarm sounds letting the parent know they should take action. Baby Duck Thermometer, $13.99 from Amazon

36. A Bathtime Rinse Without The Tears

Even if you find tear-free shampoo, kids hate having water and soap in their face during baths. Eliminate bathtime tears with this amazingly well-designed bathtime rinser shaped like that a whale. A lip on the edge of the cup rests on your child’s head, preventing water from washing into their eyes and face. Skip Hop Moby Bath Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser Bath Cup, $9.99 from Amazon

37. A My Size Potty That Makes Potty Training Fun

Is there anything cuter than this miniature potty seat that looks just like a big kid toilet? Made by Summer Infant, kids can practice using the bathroom just like an adult with a lid that lifts and closes and a handle they can push after they’re all done. Wipes can be stored in a top compartment, too. Summer Infant My Size Potty, $24.86 from Amazon

38. A Little Extra Protection for Deep Sleepers

A lot of moms find themselves troubleshooting heavy wetters and deep sleepers as baby grows older. Instead of waking them in the night for a trip to the potty or a diaper change, try adding a little extra protection to their overnight diaper. The Sposie Booster Diaper Doubler is well liked on Amazon for being very absorptive and comes in packs of six through Amazon Prime. Sposie Booster Diaper Pads, $49.99 for a 6-pack from Amazon

39. A Fun Toy for Bathtime Play

Make taking baths more than just bearable with this interactive bathtime toy. Made by Munchkin, your little one can use their mini fishing pole to go fishing for magnetic toys that float on the surface of the water. So fun! The set includes a small fishing pole with a reel and three floating characters. Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy, $7.95 from Amazon

40. A Decorate-It-Yourself Night Light

A night light is a nursery essential that often gets overlooked. Instead of using a bright lamp each time your baby needs a change in the middle of the night, an adjustable light night light provides just enough light to guide you without overstimulating you or your baby. The VAVA Night Light is a lot of fun too. It comes with adjustable stickers that can be moved around the dome of the light to cast shadows on the ceiling and walls. This is truly a birth-to-childhood essential that will become your growing child’s comfort light if they start to struggle with fears of the dark. VAVA Night Light for Kids, $19.99 from Amazon

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