Depressed By Debris: What Happened When I Went Plogging For The First Time

Don’t worry, I didn’t touch the trash with bare hands (but I did get inspired to make a difference this Earth Day).

Healthy Her Way: Remy Park Of Veggiekins

This week we’re highlighting Remy Park—the queen of plant-powered positivity.

Sammy Eason Of Mother Of Chunk

HealthyWay Senior Editor Taylor is swooning over Sammy Eason, a tattooed mama who always keeps it real.

Shona Vertue, Personal Trainer × Author Of “The Vertue Method”

HealthyWay Senior Editor Taylor speaks with Shona about staying curious, the hair product that has given her curly locks life, and eagerly awaiting the return of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Morgan Haley Of The Southern Yogi

HealthyWay Senior Editor Taylor chats with Morgan about teleportation, how she refuels her creativity tank, and her life as a tea-aholic.

Minna Lee Of Living Minnaly

HealthyWay Senior Editor Taylor chats with Minna Lee about her idol, Oprah (because who doesn’t love O?); flying; and the value of emotional and mental currency.

Jess Jones And Wendy Lopez Of Food Heaven Made Easy

HealthyWay Senior Editor Taylor chats with Jess Jones and Wendy Lopez of Food Heaven Made Easy—an East Coast–West Coast pair repping veggies, accessible recipes, and the diversity of women in wellness.

CrossFit Games Athlete Jessica Griffith

HealthyWay Senior Editor Taylor chats with Jessica Griffith about essential oils, mental health, and which hilarious celebrities she’d most like to have Bloody Marys with.

Taylor Geiger

Taylor Geiger is a writer, self-proclaimed book nerd, hockey fanatic, and dedicated plant mama. She is passionate about all things related to food and fitness. When she’s not writing (or trying new workout classes) she enjoys hiking with her Weimaraner, Mayzee, throughout the Midwest.