Do Opposites Attract? For Magnets, Yes. For People, Not So Much.

The idea that we're attracted to mates who look like one of our parents can be a little off-putting. But if you're not already in a relationship with someone who looks like your mom or dad, chances are very good that you will be soon.

Work Burnout: What It Is And How To Singe It Right Out Of Your Vocab

You know you have a problem when your work retreat to the rocky mountains makes you want to cry and cuddle up in a hole. Work burnout is a very real condition that's spreading fast, faster than your freshman-fifteen!

10 Outfits You See At The Gym And The Personalities That Go With Them

Have you ever taken a look around your gym? You probably should. You won't believe what you'll learn.

Why IUDs Are Even Better Than Boyfriends

Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend, something that you will cherish even more than your boyfriend. Ladies, meet the IUD (Intrauterine Device).

Why Your Friends Are Begging For Labels

Recently the scare of genetically engineered organisms (GMO) has been gaining speed and popularity. Introduced in 1996, GMOs are here to stay, for better or for worse. But, at closer investigation, this seal of approval has become relatively one sided.

Divorce Parties: When Trashing Your Wedding Dress is Encouraged

Although divorce parties sound like just an excuse to get drunk (which they are) they also serve a greater purpose - closing a chapter on one's life that unfortunately didn't end as planned.

The Early Bird Might Catch The Worm, But The Night Owl Patents The Idea

Most people identify as either an early bird or a night owl, but did you know the preference may actually affect your personality?

Snacking Strategies From The Average Breakroom

How many of you know that person at work who constantly talks about their diet, or says the phrase...

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