The Worst Habits For Your Heart (Besides Smoking)

You'd be surprised what you're doing that hurts your ticker.

Make The Backs Of Your Arms Look Fantastic With Just 5 Exercises

Studies have shown that consistent weight training can do wonders for this hard-to-reach trouble spot. All you need is motivation and a set of light weights.

Make Your Booty Even Better (In Just 5 Moves)!

You don't need to pull out your plastic to insert plastic into your derriere. A few simple moves a few times a week will promise to get you red carpet (or sandy beach) ready!

Is Your Phone Making You Fat?

It’s 10:00 at night and you’re texting with your friend on your smartphone while watching the latest episode of “House of Cards” on your Mac. Sound familiar?

Healing: Hot And Cold

Have you ever been in bad pain, with an ice pack in one hand and a heat pack in the other, trying to figure out which one to use? Here’s the lowdown on the proper therapy for your issue so you can get your body better, quicker.

Ink For Immunity: How Tattoos Could Be Beneficial To Your Health

Recent studies have shown the health implications of having tattoos. Are they good or bad for you? Learn about the research so you can make an informed decision about whether to get one (or more).

All Teas Are NOT Created Equal

You drink tea because it's good for you. But new studies show that some teas may actually be BAD for your health. Read about which ones you should be avoiding.

Lisa M. Douglas