Is Organic Food Really Worth The Price?

Organic has become the ultimate buzzword. But when it comes to choosing the healthiest eats at the grocery store and the farmers market, is it really worth the price?

A Closer Look at Urban Farming

While fast food joints on every corner have left behind a legacy of obesity and chronic disease, urban farming begins to fight back with healthy foods. Learn more about the urban farming revolutionaries that are changing the food system.

Organic Farming Benefits Biodiversity in Major Ways

According to a recent study, your health isn't the only reason to choose organic foods. Researchers recently found that organic farming is also beneficial to the local flora and fauna.

Food Companies Are Dropping Artificial Ingredients – But What Does It Mean For You?

General Mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from all of its cereals and Kraft ditched the artificial colors and preservatives from its iconic mac and cheese. Is it a true menu facelift or a marketing ploy?

Eating Locally is Easier Than You Think

Eating local is about way more than just hitting up the farmer's market. Dive a little deeper into your local foods community.

Laura Lynn Klein