Why Running More Won’t Necessarily Help You Lose Weight

Despite being one of the best ways to burn calories, running too much can actually be detrimental to your efforts to lose weight.

Run Right: Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes of Beginning Runners

Just because running is an easy sport to get started in doesn't mean that there are pratfalls to avoid. Here are five common ones that all beginners should be aware of.

Fall In Love With Cycling All Over Again This Season

Fall is a great time to go cycling, but it brings some new challenges as well. Here are some tips to make sure you're ready for the road.

5 Products Every Runner Should Have in Their Medicine Cabinet

Fend off the usual aches and pains that come along with a regular running routine by keeping these common products in your medicine cabinet.

5 Ways Mountain Biking Can Enhance Your Workout

Mountain biking is not traditionally seen as a way to improve you health, but when done on a regular basis it can improve your level of fitness in some dramatic ways.

The 8 Most Common Running Injuries

Runners should be on the look out for these eight common injuries, which can not only slow you down, but put you on the sideline for extended periods of time.

Make Each And Every Rest Day Count

Getting the most out of your rest days is an essential part of any workout routine. Here are some tips for not feeling guilty and staying focused on your fitness at the same time.

Get Your Mind Right Before That Long Run

Sometimes getting mentally prepared for a longrun can be as challenging as being physically ready. Here are some tips to helpyou stay motivated.

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