The Many Benefits Of Hydrogen-Rich Water

Studies have shown that drinking hydrogen-rich water daily does everything from reducing tumor growth to improving cholesterol levels.

Try Almonds For A Good Night’s Sleep

Although there are several foods that can help you sleep a bit better, none of them packs quite the punch that a small handful of almonds provides.

Is The Pill Killing Your Sex Drive?

There are many options available for birth control, and finding the right one can require some trial and error. Unfortunately, if you are using a hormonal birth control option, like the pill, those side effects may include the death of your sex drive.

Go Ahead And Take A Nap, It’s Good For You

Looking for an excuse to get some extra ZZZZZZs? Look no further!

5 Beginner Juicing Mistakes To Avoid

Are you ready to give juicing a go? Want to jump right in with a juice cleanse? Then you'll want to avoid these common beginner juicer mistakes.

Gluten-Free: More Than Just A Fad

Gluten-free may be just a fad to some. But to me, it's been a life-changing choice that I wouldn't reverse. Long after the fad has gone away I'll still be eating gluten-free.

Breaking Down Your Anti-Juicing Excuses

There are many reasons why you should make juicing a part of your daily dietary routine. Here are five common reasons why many people avoid juicing.

Julie Ryan