Let Go Of That Grudge Before It Takes A Toll On Your Body

Ask yourself: Is this an actual problem or a frustration?

Make The Most Of Your Mornings When All You Really Want To Do Is Sleep In

I have the same thought running through my head every time I'm called to rise: Just 10 more minutes, please.

Be That Rockstar Who Makes Friends Wherever You Go

The more welcoming energy you put out into the world, the more you will get back. So, smile at people. Be kind to people. Ask questions when you're curious, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there and face a little rejection.

Go For the Gold – Serum Style

I immediately shot off a text to my beauty-obsessed bestie. "Oh, gosh," I gushed. "This. Serum. Foundation! I'm a goner. I'm never going back."

5 Toxic Personalities You Should Distance Yourself From

You can only devote yourself to so many people--and you should never forget that friendships and relationships are two-way streets. You're supposed to get something back when you give something away.

Mourning Fictional Characters Does Not Make You Crazy

Fictional characters help remind us what it means to be human. And even though they're not real, they lessons you learn as a result of knowing them certainly are.

What A Handful of Cherries Can Do For You

Don't discount this fruit in favor of more common fare like strawberries, bananas and blueberries.

10 Signs You’re In a Lasting Relationship

Wondering if your relationship will stand the test of time? Couples' counselors know exactly what to look for to determine if you two have what it takes.

Jenna Birch