Put Down the Pumpkin Spiced Latte and Reach for REAL Pumpkin

The beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte has a dab of real pumpkin this year, but you can still do so much better than a PSL. Here's how.

Go Ahead, Get Dolled Up to Work Out!

Working out actually feels downright ugly -- which is why I sometimes doll up to work out. Yes: I make sure to have cute workout outfits prepped and ready to go daily, and I usually apply a bit of makeup to brighten up my complexion.

Fall Is Finally Here—Watch Out For These 8 Unhealthy Setbacks

There's a whole lot to love about the current season. But be careful—every fall favorite has the potential to derail your health goals. No good thing comes without a price, right?

“Fit” Is The New “Thin,” But Is It Just As Body Shaming?

As a society, we're much more focused on getting fit instead of getting thin. While it's awesome that we're attempting to promote strong bodies instead of sickly ones, I still have to wonder if we're there yet in terms of our body-image ideals.

Should You Really Be Wearing Those Stilettos?

I'm a high-heel addict. Cute styles, mile-long legs. They make you look thinner, cause you to stand a little straighter... what's not to love? Well, perhaps muscle damage in the foot.

I’m Anti-Diet, But Trying the Low-FODMAP Diet—Here’s Why

The latest buzzy diet is more than just restriction. Here's what, and why, you should learn about FODMAPs.

Bad Blood: Why the Passive-Aggressive Way Women Fight Is So Toxic

Women in Hollywood are engaging in a very public form of passive-aggressive fighting, which is not a good example -- and something women do all too frequently. Nix passive-aggression and get assertive instead.

Should You Be Sleeping in the Nude for Better Health?

Guess what? There's at least one good reason women should be sleeping in the buff -- or nearly so. Let me explain.

Jenna Birch