Permaculture: Healthy Soil for Healthy Living

We all love the earth and the wonderful things it has given us, but it's time to educate ourselves a little more about how we can efficiently take care of and restore the soil which produces so much for us.

Why Staying In A Dead-End Relationship Is The Best Thing You Can Do At Any Age

Many lessons can be learned from remaining in a relationship that you somehow knew was never going to stand the real test of time. Would you take it all back if you could? You shouldn't. And here's why.

Stranger Than Fiction: Scientists Are on The Verge of Creating Lab-Grown Limbs

Now there's talk that organ donations may eventually be a thing of the past with lab grown prosthetics beginning to take shape. Although this is not the same as organ transplants it could quickly morph into this.

Why ‘Skinny’ Isn’t the Goal We Should Aim For

You know those people that can eat whatever they want and never gain a pound? I've always been jealous of them. I have to count every single calorie I put in my mouth. But, really, we're putting way too much emphasis on weight.

Easy Steps To ‘Zen’ Your Move

This sounds simple enough, but we all know how easy it is to get derailed. Luckily using some of these tried and true strategies can assist you in not only coping, but avoiding the typical unpleasantness that's usually partnered with your big move.

Being Content Doesn’t Mean You’re Settling

I was fearful that being happy was going to keep me in this place forever. But would it really be that bad? I had become so obsessed with plans I'd constructed in college that instead of moving me forward, they were holding me back.

Transracial Paradox: The Psychology Behind Racial Identification

Ample amounts of research reveal that most individuals recognize their socially assigned race, even if internally they relate with a differing ethnicity. So when do these feelings go too far, and why has "transracial" suddenly become a buzzword?

How To Survive Your First Yoga Class

Nothing is more embarrassing than making a fool out of yourself at your first yoga class. It takes some practice to fit in with the pros, but disasters can be prevented.

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