Do Antioxidant Supplements Really Work?

Despite widespread use, serious concerns and information gaps exist regarding the safety and overall effectiveness of antioxidant supplements, which begs the question of whether or not they're really necessary for good health.

Can You Actually Be Fit And Fat?

Many overweight and obese people have totally embraced their size and shifted their focus to living healthier, happier lives. Reality or perception, this prompts us to ask whether it's possible to be "fit" and "fat."

Clean Eating: A New (Old) Trend That I Secretly Hate

Seriously, with foods like grains, carrots and fruit being dismissed and put on the "dirty list" there's almost nothing "healthy" left to eat! Might as well enjoy your pizza and French fries if it's all bad, right?

Don’t Be Afraid To Skip Breakfast

Breakfast literally means "breaking the fast" that your body generally undergoes while you're asleep. In this light, breakfast is not a meal: It's a notion, turned tradition, turned trend.

Stop Obsessing Over Calories And Start Eating Better

When it comes to healthy eating, a common misconception is that calorie control alone is key.

Unsuspecting Condiments Are Ruining Your Diet

Condiments can add flavor and texture to otherwise boring meals, but make sure you're choosing carefully. Many commonly used condiments are full of fat, sugar and salt.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

When you think about the health benefits of watermelon, the seeds don't probably come to mind. A rich source of protein, fiber and electrolytes - don't be so quick to spit them out!

Juicing Vs Blending: Which Is Really Better for You?

In the world of liquid meal replacements I've noticed some glaring friction between juicing fans and blending fans.

Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin