The Art of Leaving Things Undone

There's something very healthy and relaxing about leaving things undone and not running yourself ragged trying to get to it all. Here are a few ways to help you master the art of leaving things undone.

Are You Easily Offended?

From social media to pop culture, race, religion, and politics, so many of the top news stories today feature controversy sparked by what a famous person said or did. It seems that almost everything that is expressed publicly is bound to offend someone.

Internet Loneliness: Are You Facebook Depressed?

It's no secret that social media connects us like never before. I love social media. It has been an integral part of my professional life and is a great way to keep in touch with my loved ones. But it is not without its problems.

Do You Suffer From Cyber-Envy?

If cyber-envy is bringing you down and you're having a hard time separating online personas from the realities of life, consider the ways that you can take a break, invest in face-to-face relationships, and transform cyber-envy into inspiration.

Finding Healthy Ways to Cope With Rejection

It's painful to be told "no." But the truth is that rejection is universal and unavoidable; everyone is rejected at some point! Thankfully, there are some key things to remember and strategies to help you avoid getting emotionally crushed.

Take a Healthy Stand With Intimidating People

Practicing assertivecommunication is not always easy. It is a skill that takes practice and experience. I invite you toconsider situations and relationships in your life where you'd do well to takea stand and let yourself be heard.

Stop Feeling Guilty About Being Unproductive

"Slow down, you crazy child. You can afford to lose a day or two." - Billy Joel

Mind Over Matter: How A Little Optimism Can Improve Your Health

The health benefits of having a generally positive outlook and approach to life are well known: longer life expectancy, higher resistance to illness, more fulfilling relationships, better work productivity, and the list goes on.

Dr. Julie Hanks