Breaking Up (With Friends) Is Hard To Do

Romantic partners are not the only ones who find themselves ending a relationship. Friend breakups are real--not just something we experienced in junior high--and they can really hurt.

3 Signs That You Are Too Close To Your Child

Parents have an unconditional love for their children and naturally desire to be close to them. But sometimes a parent crosses an emotional boundary that gets their child too involved in the details of their adult life.

How To Handle Criticism Gracefully

It's never fun to hear criticism. However, criticism is an inevitable (and even necessary) part of life. Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to keep it from causing permanent harm to your peace of mind.

Why You Should Stop Saying, “I’m Fine.”

In casual conversations, we are frequently asked, "How are you?" The most common response to this question is "I'm fine." But what if you're not "fine"? What do you say then?

How To Determine Your Relationship Boundaries

Boundaries are a buzzword right now in the mental health and relationship fields. In our interactions with others, what will we permit for ourselves, and when will we draw the line?

The Secret To Giving Meaningful Compliments

Compliments can be a great way to express your admiration and appreciation for others. They can feel really good to give or receive, but other times they can feel slightly awkward. And how can you show someone you're sincere?

Preventing Burnout In A Fast-Paced World

A huge part of my therapeutic message through the years has been to help educate to prevent and recover from burnout. Here are some strategies that I've found to be helpful.

Having A Sister Is Good For Your Mental Health

A research study indicates that individuals with female siblings are more likely to express emotions in a healthy way, have good communication skills with others, and even be more resilient to depression and loneliness.

Dr. Julie Hanks