Letting Go Of Worry

It seems everyone is worried about something, but we're often worried about things that aren’t our responsibility! It may feel like we care and are taking action, but worrying can prevent us from taking steps to solve the thing that concerns us.

How To Set Goals (and Actually Achieve Them)

It’s easier to set goals than to achieve them! Here are some tips for getting through the hard part of following through with what you’ve set out to do.

Balancing Great Expectations With Reality

Women often have high hopes for themselves, but a few common nagging expectations can really weigh us down.

The Importance Of Asking For Help

Whether it's a difficult work project or the stress of parenting, everyone gets overwhelmed at times, yet we still are often resistant to reaching out to others in the hopes that they'll help lighten our load.

Lending Support To Someone With Mental Illness

Individuals with depression, anxiety, or a number of other similar conditions can manage their disease and lead a normal and fulfilling life. But how can we personally help alleviate some of the suffering for those close to us who may be struggling?

How To Offer A Powerful (And Genuine) Apology

Whether it's forgetting an important date, failing to deliver on a promise, or insulting one another, we all make mistakes that can inflict damage on our cherished connections. So what's the best way to repair these relationship rifts?

The Benefits Of Getting Angry

Although some of us may be more prone to extreme anger than others, there's not a person alive who hasn't felt mad at someone or something. The irony is that while anger is a universal emotion, it almost always has a negative stigma associated with it.

Love Your Body From The Inside Out

Our culture places a great deal of emphasis on the physical, specifically our bodies. I validate the desire to be healthy and fit and to put one's best self forward, but I also think there's an even better way be at peace with ourselves unconditionally.

Dr. Julie Hanks