The One Thing That’s Keeping You From Being Happy

By exploring your self-doubt, challenging your thoughts, and taking action, you can manage insecurities so they don’t sabotage your confidence and happiness.

Healthy Tech: What Your Selfies Say About You

Do you post selfies online? If so, you’re far from alone; the selfie trend seems to have reached a fever pitch in recent years. What’s causing this selfie-driven culture? And what are your selfies saying about you?

Raising Strong And Happy Girls

Young women in America have more freedoms and opportunities than ever before in history, and they can have wonderful and fulfilling relationships and careers. How can we better prepare girls to face the challenges ahead?

Nurturing Growth Through Committed Relationships

Love is an invitation to grow, but we’re not always fully listening.

Empathy: The Secret To Transforming Your Love Relationships

As many of us have experienced, even burning love can cool down. By understanding what empathy is and how to demonstrate it in your love relationships, you can heal wounds and create closer bonds.

Ditch The Girlfriend Drama Once And For All!

Sometimes friend drama rears its head in adult girlfriend relationships. If you want to ditch the exaggerated responses and cattiness, developing emotional awareness and healthy communication is the key.

Worry Less About What Others Think

We are wired to connect with other people, so it only makes sense that we would be sensitive to their evaluations of us. However, an over-focus on the opinions of others can become paralyzing and anxiety-producing.

Adults Need Close Friends Too

Marriage, kids, careers, and other responsibilities can make it so we don’t spend as much time with friends as we did when we were young. But strong research shows that grownups need friendships too!

Dr. Julie Hanks