Should Past Relationships Be A Present Partner’s Business?

There are no rules about sharing one's sexual history or past relationships with a present partner, but the topic does come up. Whether or not to disclose is a personal choice, but it's not always an easy one.

Can A Meatless Diet Really Change Your Health?

More and more people are turning to a plant-based diet for a variety of reasons. With research supporting the benefits of eating a primarily vegetarian diet it's worth considering the benefits of making the change in lifestyle.

A Healthy Woman’s Guide to Finding Mr. Right

Whether you're an online dater or holding out for a more traditional connection, you need some very clear and concise bottom lines to help you discern between the men worth your investment and the one's you should cut loose.

Is Online Dating a Viable Option for Love?

Online dating has been around for two decades now, but many daters are still on the fence or resistant to using it. While the practice may not be for everyone, it seems to be a permanent part of our culture so it's worth weighing the benefits.

5 Ways To Live An Authentic Life

The chaos and business of life pull you from your center, leaving you feeling off-kilter. Focusing on these five areas of your life will ground you and bring you back to a place of balance.

Will More Sex In Your Marriage Lead to a Healthier You?

While there are not hard and fast rules about how much sex a couple should be having, research confirms that a large number of marriages lean toward less sex than more.

Finding Freedom In Your Grief

Most of us believe that grieving is a stage-driven healing process and that it gets easier with the passage of time, but anyone who has grieved knows it's a process that can't be rushed.

How to Have a REALationship

Most of us put on blinders when it comes to relationships because we want all of it, and we want everything to be perfect. Getting real and honest about what you can expect is the best way to have success in your relational life.

Dr. Andra Brosh