5 Things Hawaii Reminded Me About Living Well

Living well is as much a choice as it is a privilege. Learning lessons and getting reminded of how to live a healthy, happy life can renew the spirit and motivate you to make a few shifts in your daily habits.

How To Get Heard In Your Relationships: The Power Of Active Listening

Being a good listener is harder then it seems, but this research-based technique will help you take your listening game to a whole new level.

Why Women Should Be Wary Of The New Dating App Bumble

With new apps popping up all the time, Bumble has put a spin on traditional dating by putting the woman in charge. Taking a closer look, however, this may not be in her best interest.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Posting To Social Media

There is no escaping social media in today's world. The main motivation is to "share" a particular idea, picture, story, or experience, but what would happen if we took a mindful pause before sending a post out into the universe?

4 Traits That Make You Vulnerable To A Workplace Affair

Most of us spend the majority of our time in a work setting creating a perfect petri dish for physical and emotional affairs to develop. This isn't true for everyone however so perhaps there are certain human traits that make these incidents more likely.

Consumerism Detox: 4 Ways To Buy Less By Doing More

We are a culture driven by over-consumption: We eat too much, buy too much, and generate too much waste. Small changes in lifestyle can make a big difference, but it starts by waking up to the reality of what we're doing and how that affects the world.

5 Natural Needs You Might Be Missing

When it comes to health, most of us focus on the physical. But well-being goes way beyond the body. As human beings, we also need nutrition for the mind and spirit.

Three Spells You Need To Break Right Now

Throughout life, you take on certain beliefs about yourself and the world. These beliefs become hard truths even without evidence to support them. They become spells, cast without your knowledge, and you lack the awareness you need to break them.

Dr. Andra Brosh