Stop Microwaving Your Sponges (And 7 Other Cleaning “Hacks” That Just Don’t Work)

From microwaving sponges to scrubbing your sink with a potato, here's what won't help your house get any cleaner...and what to do instead.

Sabotaged Birth Control And Removal Of Choice: How Reproductive Coercion Hurts Women

Ian Somerhalder may have brought attention to reproductive coercion in the worst way possible, but it's an issue that's often neglected when it comes to discussions about domestic abuse.

Here’s Why We Still Fall For Photoshop Falsehoods

From Kim Kardashian's booty to impossibly thin Ralph Lauren models, excessive retouching is causing a stir. But what about the airbrushed images that we're not picking up on?

When Yoga Is Actually Just Cultural Appropriation

Despite its massive popularity, Western yoga culture is still perpetuating the damage of colonization.

Singled Out: Society’s Obsession With Love (And Why It’s Okay To Be Single)

If finding love is the true purpose of life, then why do so many single women feel fulfilled from being on their own?

5 Basic Makeup Mistakes That Age You

When it comes to makeup mistakes that age you, there are five in particular that most women are guilty of. Hint: It's got nothing to do with how you apply your eyeliner.

Fake Surprises And Fairytale Weddings: Love In The Age Of Instagram

In the era of Instagram feeds populated with impossibly magical proposals caught on camera, the soon-to-be-engaged are undoubtedly feeling the pressure to make their engagement story extra special. Are brides-to-be sacrificing authenticity for likes?

Multi-Level Marketing Businesses Aren’t Making People Money…So Why Are They Still Popular?

Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of people who sell products through network marketing rarely make any profit. Yet despite this, more and more people--especially women--are desperate to get involved. Why?

Brooke Geller