Protein Powder—Strong Enough For a Man, Made For A Woman Too

Since most women have no desire to grow manly muscles, they walk right past the protein aisle on their way to the fat loss section at their favorite vitamin store—if they only knew what they were missing!

CrossFit Box Was Out Of My Box

As much as I’d like to think I am adventurous, I really prefer living in my safe familiar box. One day I was forced to get out of my little box and enter an altogether different kind of box—a CrossFit box.

No Gym, No Problem–Bodyweight Exercises Are Rising To the Top

Bodyweight exercises have become so popular that they placed second in the American College of Sports Medicine Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends.

Turn Your Watch Into A Personal Trainer

So you can't afford a trainer? Me neither! I have to sleep with my trainer to get him to work me out. OK, I admit, he's my husband, but you get my drift.

Star Wars Workout: Out-Of-This-World Workout?

When I heard there was a new Star Wars workout, complete with lightsabers, I thought I would die. Could I really walk in the gym with my plastic lightsaber in my hand? To my amazement, people are doing just that.

Doga: Has Yoga Gone To The Dogs?

Working out with your pet is nothing new. I love to run with my two Great Danes, but I've never thought about taking them to the gym with me. However, Doga (yoga with your dog) takes Downward Facing Dog to a whole new level.

5 Last-Minute Creative Fitness Gifts

You don't need to special order a gift for it to be special. You just need a little creativity and thought to make it as special as your friend. Here are five creative last-minute gifts for that fit friend.

Bonnie Pfiester