35 Amazon Gifts For The Fitness Fanatic In Your Life

If you’re having trouble finding that perfect gift for a fitness fanatic, we've got you covered. This stuff should satisfy even the most dedicated gym rat.

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The trouble with buying for a true fitness fanatic is that they already have everything they need for an intense daily workout. Weights? Check. Fitbit? Check. Water bottle, post-workout protein shake, lots of sweaty towels? Check, check, and check.

We hunted through Amazon’s Sports and Fitness department for gifts that workout enthusiasts will love—but don’t have in their in-home weight rooms already. If you’re buying for an avid crossfitter, runner, or MMA hopeful, these gifts will fit the bill.

1. Give the gift of an amazing upper body workout.

It’s hard to get fit without a pull-up bar. But did you know that these devices are great for much more than simple pull-ups? Install this workout bar from Iron Gym in any conventional doorway for a total gym experience.

With one of these, the exercise-lover in your life can do dips, chin-ups, push-ups, and crunches, let alone your standard pull-up. Advanced features include three grip positions to work out different muscle groups, comfortable foam grips, and a totally nail/screw-free hanging system. Throw it in the closet in between uses.  

2. If you think crunches are hard, wait until you try them…upside down.

Abs are the holy grail of workouts. No matter how many sit-ups and crunches you do, it’s tough to flatten that stomach out, let alone show off sculpted musculature around your navel. The trick, it turns out, is to exercise with an inversion table.

This option from Innova isn’t the cheapest gift on the list, but for the exercise junkie eager to take the next step toward abs-ville, it’s a must-have device for the home gym. Give this as a gift; they’ll be impressed.

3. Encourage your fit friend to support those wrists during strength-training exercises.

Whether they’re lifting weights or just doing push-ups, your fitness-forward buddies need to take care of their wrists. Most upper-body strength-training exercises place a lot of strain on the humble joint, and an injury can throw off a fitness plan by months.

These wrist-wraps come complete with a thumb loop for maximum support. Choose the less-stiff option for most exercises; if the recipient plans to go in for some heavy lifting, though, give them the stiff model.

4. Workout enthusiasts can never have too many exercise balls.

Maybe your friend or loved one already has an exercise ball. But does she have one at home, one at the office, and one in the trunk for last-minute yoga in the park?

The whole line of URBNFit exercise balls boast a non-slip surface and anti-burst construction. They’re ideal for keeping the core engaged when sitting at the computer, core training, and stretching. Even better, they inflate quickly with an included, easy-to-use pump.

5. Every athlete could use a foam roller, but few of them know that.

Everyone who works out needs to make time for rehab. Foam rollers are an inexpensive tool that can make a big difference on sore muscles. These rollers from AmazonBasics are incredibly simple, but they’re durable enough for years of use.

Recipients can use them for muscle rehab—particularly for the legs and back—or to complete core-training moves on the yoga mat. Amazon makes the product in seven colors, so you can pick the gift receiver’s favorite. They may not know they need one, but trust us: They do.

6. When in doubt, add to their dumbbell collection.

Is there any exercise tool more versatile than a stack of dumbbells? Lightweight models add a bit of resistance training to any standard cardio workout. Keep inching up the pounds to veer into strict strength-training territory.

This set from AmazonBasics includes a pair of neoprene-covered dumbbells in your choice of weights, from just one pound up to a whopping 20 pounds. Maybe sneak a glance into the recipient’s workout room before choosing the right pair.

7. Blending protein shakes shouldn’t require an actual blender.

If you’ve watched a friend stir a post-workout protein shake with a spoon, this is the gift to give. They call it a BlenderBottle, which is a pretty fair description. It’s a 28 ounce–capacity drinking bottle with a wire whisk ball for easy mixing.

Just throw in some protein powder and liquid, and give it a shake. No more spoons, let alone full-on blenders. Plus, the unique cap is designed to stay open, so it won’t snap shut on you mid-gulp. Get one for yourself while you’re at it.

8. We’ve all got that one friend without a FitBit. Here’s a great, cost-friendly alternative.

You’d have to be pretty close to someone to give them a name-brand FitBit. For more casual workout buddies, why not get most of the benefits, without dropping such a large sum? This fitness tracker from LETSCOM tracks essential vital signs and syncs with workout apps to collect data.

The LETSCOM fitness tracker sits comfortably on the wrist, where it tracks footsteps, calories, heart rate, sleep, and more. You can even set it to warn you when you’ve been sedentary for too long at a stretch. Oh, it also alerts you to social messages from your phone, plus it’s preloaded with 14 distinct exercise modes.

9. Upgrade their FitBit with a stylish steel band.

Even if your workout partner already has a FitBit, chances are they’re still using the original rubber wristband. They can do better than that! A company called SWEES makes a line of colorful stainless steel replacement bands that look as great as they feel.

Choose from an astounding range of colors, from chromed silver to rose gold. The bands attach easily to FitBits and sit comfortably on the wrist. They’re woven with plenty of space, so sweat and airflow pass right on through. If you’re looking for a gift for the FitBit wearer with a broken band, here’s your best option.

10. This resistance band set is perfect for traveling.

When you’ve got limited carry-on space, every inch counts. Resistance bands allow for excellent strength training, and they don’t take up much space—plus, they’re easy on your joints. That’s a win-win-win. Yes, it’s three wins. 

This set from Limm includes five 12-inch flexbands, along with a convenient travel case and an e-book. The bands are made with TPE-free natural latex, so they’re free from unpleasant odors, and they’re vesatile enough to fit into any workout regimen.  

11. Even with a high-quality yoga mat, knee pain is pretty much unavoidable.

When “downward dog” becomes “downward dog, but, like, a dog with really bad knees,” this cushion comes to the rescue. It’s over a half inch in thickness, so it provides plenty of protection on hardwood floors and other unforgiving surfaces, and it can also function as an effective yoga mat extender in a pinch.

The material is high-density NBR foam, which is both comfortable and long lasing. It’s also lightweight, so it works well for travel, and it’s large enough to accommodate all body types.

12. To build a great home gym, start with the floor.

You know what professional gyms have that their home-based counterparts usually don’t? Exercise mats. A bit of cushion between you and the concrete can improve comfort and safety during all sorts of workouts, from lifting weights to simple crunches.

This protective flooring comes in puzzle-piece-edged squares. Assemble multiple tiles to create a soft mat that fits the space perfectly. In this particular set, you’ll find six two-foot-square tiles and 12 border pieces. A gift like this will win you a lot of points.

13. If you’ve got a cardio-fiend on your gift list, here’s something for them.

No matter your fitness goals, cardio is crucial, and it’s hard to beat jumping rope to get that blood pumping. Speed ropes have been a staple of boxing gyms for a long time, but now pretty much everyone is getting into the habit.

This speed rope from Survival and Cross has a few features that recommend it over simpler products. It includes steel ball bearings for extra speed. It also provides extra hardware for when you inevitably jump it to pieces. All in all, this is a strong contender for a basic gym staple.

14. Help your gym buddies get organized.

Trainers will tell you that consistency is key to actually making changes in your body. Still, some of us have a hard time keeping track of where we are on a day-to-day basis. Was yesterday leg day? Or were you supposed to throw in some extra stretches?

Here’s a fitness log book that will keep anyone on the straight and narrow path to their personal fitness goals. It tracks exercises, reps, weight, targeted muscle group, and cardio. There’s even a space to add nutrition notes. Sure, a lot of people use apps to stick to a workout plan. For those who don’t, though, this gift could make the difference between success and backsliding.

15. We could all use a little motivation every now and then.

That’s especially true when you’re cruising toward the gym on your way home from a long, tiring day at work. It’d be so easy to roll right by; you could be eating ice cream and watching Netflix in moments.

It’s times like these that a motivational wristband can really make a difference. This pack of 10 silicone bracelets has your back. “Success is a state of mind,” they remind you. “Believe anything is possible.” If you have a friend who’s starting to skip gym dates, these could be an excellent gift. On the other hand, they could come across as sort of passive aggressive, so, as always, gift wisely.

16. Who needs a stair stepper when you’ve got a single step?

Sure, those stair-stepping machines at your local gym are awesome, but someone’s always using the best one, and you end up with the machine that keeps jumping forward two steps. No? Just us?

Well, KLB Sports offers a perfectly fine elevated platform at a great price, that’ll get the recipient working their lower body or incorporating into flexibility workouts. It’s an ideal gift since it’s the type of thing you might not buy for yourself, but once you’ve got one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The kit includes four risers, four additional rubber feet, and free instructional materials.

17. Keep your heart rate up throughout the workday.

If you have trouble finding the time for cardio, this novel elliptical should make your life much easier. Store it under your desk; when you’re ready to burn a few calories, start pedaling. It uses Bluetooth to sync with Apple Healthkit, Fitbit, or Cubii Pro’s proprietary mobile app, and you can choose from eight resistance levels to change the intensity of your workouts.

Thanks to whisper-quiet operation, you won’t annoy family members or co-workers, and it assembles in seconds. The only downside: Once your friend opens this, they won’t have any excuse for missing their workouts.

18. Make it easy to bulk up on protein.

Say you’ve got a friend who’s on an intense strength-training program. They’re going to need a lot of protein, and Cheerios just won’t cut it. Try giving them a box of RXBars instead. These protein-based meals are made entirely of whole ingredients, so they’re an additive-free experience.

They even print the ingredients on the front of the label. Each bar is packed with egg whites, nuts, and dates for a guilt-free blast of powerful protein. It’s just what muscles need to grow. People say they taste alright, too.

19. To add some variety to a tired workout, just gamify it.

Working out with the same crew and the same tired routine every day can get old. Boredom is a sure ticket to slack. Help the folks on your gift list put the game back in their workout with a set of fitness dice that randomize moves for some serious exercise.

They call Strength Stack 52 a “game,” but it’s more like a contest of endurance. These exercises were designed to burn fat and bulk up muscle, and that’s just what they do. Roll the dice, follow the directions, and get fit with friends.

20. Pump some iron…er, water.

This novel water bottle holds 2.2 liters of water. It’s functional as an adjustable dumbbell, but it’s also just a cool-looking water bottle; pack this in your gym bag, and it’s sure to spark a few conversations.

It shows that you’re aware of the recipient’s love of exercise while still functioning as a sort of gag gift. Per the Amazon reviews, it’s a high-quality water bottle, so it’s actually usable for its intended purpose, and it might compel someone to start hydrating properly during their workouts. Made with eco-friendly materials.

21. Of course, gifts don’t have to be functional.

This chic charm bracelet certainly fits the bill. The zinc alloy charms include a couple of dumbells—including one that’s bending under its own weight because, you know, pumping iron is awesome—and a “strong is beautiful” message.

Each bracelet comes in a gift box, so you can easily wrap it and deliver it to your favorite iron fiend. It’s expandable, so for an extra touch, pick up a cheap personalized charm.   

22. This fruit-infuser water bottle provides an easy way to stay hydrated.

We have trouble drinking enough water after workouts, but infused water makes it easier to stay hydrated and healthy; that’s why this bottle is so handy. Put any fruit or vegetable into the center capsule, add water, then wait (or simply shake a few times for a lighter flavor). It’s made with BPA-free Tritan plastic, which is shatterproof and dishwasher safe.

The manufacturer provides a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee along with a lifetime guarantee on the materials. It’s great for runners, hikers, or gymrats, and the included recipe book provides everything you need to get started.

23. Speaking of hydration…

Let’s say you want to drink a gallon of water each day. You start in the morning with a glass, then grab a cup at work, then…well, you lose track. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

This single-gallon water bottle lets you track your intake in a simple intuitive way. The side of the container includes motivating messages, along with timestamps to guide you throughout the day. Made with BPA-free plastic, it’s available in several colors, all of which use the same odor-free material.

24. Say goodbye to that dusty old gym bag.

For years, our gym bag was an old backpack from high school. It worked well enough, but it built up odors over time, and we always had trouble stuffing our shoes into it without getting dirt all over our clothes. A high-quality gym bag really makes those trips to the gym more enjoyable, and this is one of the best dedicated duffels we’ve seen.

Made with waterproof, scratch-resistant material, it has several zippered pockets and a dedicated shoe compartment. There’s a wet-dry separation layer, which helps to keep everything sanitary, and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.  

25. Turn those tough HIIT workouts into a (sort of) fun game.

Okay, when you’re pushing yourself to new levels of fitness, “fun” might not be the right word, but this card game really works. We’ve written about the HIIT workout before, but in case you missed it, here’s the gist: By running through high-intensity intervals, you burn more fat and build more muscle without spending hours at the gym.

Developed by military fitness expert Sergeant Volkin, this game provides a simple way to jump into the HIIT lifestyle. Pull out the cards, roll the dice, and do the exercises; for extra guidance, scan the cards with a smartphone for a brief instructional video. It’s simple, effective, and ideal for getting varied, intense workouts in just a few minutes without any additional equipment.

26. For a hardcore cardio workout, nothing beats boxing.

And no, you don’t need to get punched in the face to enjoy a good boxing-based workout. A few minutes with a heavybag can burn a ton of calories while building valuable self-defense skills. Just be sure to bring your own gloves—while many boxing gyms have loaner gloves, they smell like a dead penguin. You can quote us on that.

Everlast is the most famous name in boxing equipment for good reason; their products last forever, and they’re built with high-quality features that keep athletes safe. These training gloves feature a ThumbLok, which maintains correct thumb positioning to prevent injury, along with full padding on the front and back of the wrist. They’re available in several sizes; generally speaking, heavier gloves are a better choice for inexperienced boxers, since they provide more padding.

27. Of course, gloves aren’t useful without something to hit.

This freestanding punching bag is heavy—we suppose that’s where the name “heavy bag” comes from—but it has plenty of high-end features for boxing enthusiasts. Fill the base with sand or water, and it weighs an impressive 250 pounds; that means that you can’t really knock it over unless you’re packing a George Foreman punch, and it rebounds quickly after each hit for optimal resistance.

It’s also adjustable, with seven height settings in three-inch increments. Granted, this isn’t the most practical gift, but if you know someone who’s getting into boxing or looking for a more intense cardio workout, it’s a fantastic pickup at a great price.

28. You can never have enough headbands.

When you’re in the middle of an extreme workout, long hair can quickly become a liability. These sports headbands are designed to maintain a secure fit while wicking away moisture, and they come in a 4-pack which is fortunate since these things can easily wind up misplaced if you’re a regular gym-goer.

Wear a neutral color for a nondescript look, or go for the more vibrant ones if you want a little pop in your getup. Either way, the sporty design looks stylish, and the silicone bars prevent slipping, even if you’re working up a serious sweat.

29. Work those legs with this remarkably affordable mini-trampoline.

Here’s a gift that will get plenty of use right out of the box. After all, everyone loves a trampoline—especially when you don’t have to worry about accidentally flying into your neighbor’s yard.

Thirty tension bands provide stability during the most intense jumping workouts. Capable of holding weights of up to 250 pounds, it’s an incredible value at under $30, and the manufacturer offers three online workout videos to help you get started (we’d just check out YouTube; there are plenty of great trampoline workout tutorials for beginners). It weighs less than 14 pounds, so it’s great for traveling, and it folds up for easy storage.

30. This is the perfect gym bag for seriously buff workout buffs.

It’s a complete workout set with everything a seasoned weightlifter needs to hit the gym. The kit includes a large gym bag, a leather weighlifting belt, a steel-chained dip belt, and padded wrist straps. The high-quality belts are a major upgrade from the (slightly smelly) belts you’d find at the gym, and they’re backed by a lifetime guarantee.

This makes an awesome gift for bodybuilders, but it’s also a fine choice for anyone who’s just getting into strength training.

31. Wrist pain can quickly derail a workout.

Wrist wraps help to prevent pain by keeping the wrists in the correct position, limiting unnecessary movement (and therefore, unnecessary damage). They’re essential gear, but most people don’t keep them on hand (literally).

Rogue Fitness’s straps are designed to fit wrists of all sizes, and they’re made from an easy-to-clean material—that’s important, as you’d know if you’d ever smelled a pair of wrist straps after a hard workout. Hey, the less said about that, the better. In any case, these are some of the most affordable straps we could find on Amazon, and they don’t skimp on the quality. They’re available in multiple colors, so feel free to accessorize.

32. Enjoy more flexibility (and less joint pain) with this mobility tape.

A good workout routine includes a few high-intensity exercises, but if you’ve got painful joints, that’s not always an option. RockFloss is useful stuff, despite its slightly goofy name. It’s a high-quality compression tape that uses compression to prevent fascial shearing—basically, it keeps blood flowing around muscles and joints to improve flexibility and limit pain.

It’s useful for just about any painful part of your body, including shoulders, wrists, knees, elbows, ankles, and hips, although the manufaturer notes that you should never use the tape on your head or neck (and if you did, you’d probably get a few weird looks at the gym). Price varies by size, so if you’re buying as a gift, be sure to check the sizing before ordering.

33. Cool off with these next-generation gym towels.

Made with eco-friendly materials, these soft mesh towels are a lifesaver. Dip them in water, wring them out, then use them to wipe off; they absorb sweat while leaving your skin feeling cool and refreshed. While they’re designed for high-intensity exercise, they’re also great for treating headaches and fevers, and each towel comes in a waterproof plastic pouch for easy storage.

Each lightweight towel is free from chemicals and odors, and they’re machine washable (just use the gentle cycle). Choose from multiple colors.

34. Night runs can be exhilarating, but proper safety gear is absolutely essential.

At the very minimum, runners should hit the road with an extra light source. These ankle lights are an excellent choice, as they help to light the path while making an athlete more visible to oncoming vehicles.

They’re fairly lightweight, and an included battery provides hours of visible light for each LED. Attach them to your leg, arm, or any other convenient spot—they’re also easy to attach to a dog collar for night walks, for instance—and enjoy a safer workout. If you know a jogger or runner who works a day job, these make a spectacular stocking stuffer.

35. Add a bit of resistance to any cardio workout.

These ankle weights can dramatically alter the intensity of any exercise while strengthening your legs (or arms, since they double as wrist weights). The inner side has a breathable material that prevents heat from building up, while an adjustable strap on the outside accommodates most ankles easily.

They’re color coded by weight, so be sure to check out all of the options before ordering; the blue weights provide two pounds of added resistance.

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