10 Activities For Kids That Promote Creativity And Learning

These products are so fun, your kids won't even realize that they're learning through play.

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“Educational toys” might sound like an oxymoron to your school-age kids, but you know that’s not the case. Whether they believe it or not, kids can have fun while being productive, and these days, there are plenty of toys, books, and activity kits that set out to facilitate learning and creativity. We’re talking about stuff like…

1. The STEM Reads Book Club

The STEM Reads Book Club subscription box is packed full of reading material for kids interested in science, technology, engineering, and math. Each box contains two books, customized learning activities, and one surprise item. Sign up for your own subscription on CrateJoy for $34.95.

2. Snap Circuits Electronics Discovery Kit

Kids will have fun building functional circuits while learning all about electricity with the Snap Circuits Kit. Buy the kit from Amazon.

3. Amazing Bacteria Science Kit

Hey, what’s more fun than bacteria? Your kid will love to learn about microorganisms with the Amazing Bacteria Kit, which, fortunately, comes with a hand sanitizer spray. Take samples from items around your home and see what grows. Get this bio-research kit from Amazon.

4. Spangler Science Club

With the Spangler Science Club, your kids can conduct challenging, hands-on science experiments at home. The monthly kit explores different scientific fields while prompting kids to think about their experiments in a constructive way. Sign up for the club on CrateJoy for $9.99.

5. ThinkFun Math Dice Jr.

The Math Dice Jr. game is a fun way to teach early math skills. Roll the 12-sided die to get your target number, then roll the other five dice; use addition or subtraction to reach the target number. Buy it from Amazon.

6. Crystal Mining Kit

Discover buried crystals with the KidzLabs Crystal Mining Kit. The kit comes with one large plaster rock containing eight crystals. Your kids will feel like real-life geologists, and the cleanup’s not too bad. Buy the kit from Amazon.

7. Laser Pegs Car Building Set

This kit allows kids to build their own light-up car that really moves. All Laser Peg pieces also fit together with other building blocks from major brands like Lego, so the creative possibilities are pretty much endless. Get the set from Amazon.

8. The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

Stay busy for hours with the Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab. The kit contains 51 experiments and a notebook for recording observations. Buy the kit from Amazon.

9. The Genius Box

Inspire your little genius. The Genius Box brings brand-new STEM activities to your door each month, and each experiment is designed to promote problem-solving skills. Sign up today on CrateJoy for $25.00 and month.

10. My First Lab Microscope

The My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope is the winner of the Top Toy Award from Creative Child Magazine. It’s a real scientific tool, and the included materials teach young scientists how to use it effectively. Plus, it’s much less expensive than a laboratory model. Buy the microscope from Amazon.

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