8 Reasons Why You Can’t Commit To Weight Loss

Weight loss isn't something you can just take or leave. If you are really serious about losing weight, you've got to make a commitment to the process and yourself.

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Commitment: When it comes to losing weight, you either have it or you don’t. If you are committed to your weight loss plan, you are gung-ho, enthusiastic, and have the motivation and fortitude to see your weight loss efforts through to the end. If you aren’t truly committed, you are going to have a hard time reaching your goal because weight loss is hard. Here are eight reasons why you may be having trouble fully committing to weight loss.

1. You don’t believe in yourself

I’m not a very introspective person, but I do understand it is easier to commit to losing weight when you have a positive self-image. Self-love and taking care of your physical being often go hand in hand.

2. You don’t want to go “all in”

Losing weight can’t happen without 100 percent commitment. You can’t sometimes diet and sometimes not and still get good results. Jump in with both feet and your whole heart and let the success that follows carry you through the hard times.

3. You are uncertain

You might be uncertain about what to do. It can be hard to find a diet plan that works for you, but the potential results are worth trying a few. Start with a basic plan like Weight Watchers. Once you understand how much and what to eat, you can tweak the plan to match your lifestyle and food preferences.

4. Weight loss isn’t a priority

I’ve found that people commit easily to things that are a priority for them. For example, if completing your degree is a priority for you, you will make it happen no matter how hard it is. Same thing goes for weight loss. The higher priority you make it, the more likely you are to stay committed.

5. You are walking the path alone

Some people like to lose weight on their own, but a lot of people find it easier to commit if they are walking the weight loss path with others. Many cities have free or low-cost weight loss groups at community centers or churches. If you’d rather stay anonymous, join an internet-based group.

6. You’ve been unsuccessful before

The old saying “once bitten twice shy” definitely applies to weight loss. I had been on so many diets that there were times I just wanted to give up. To this stumbling block I say to you, “Past failure doesn’t mean future failure.” Don’t give up on yourself just because you’ve failed before. Make this time work.

7. You are just playing at weight loss

I’ve met some people who like to talk about weight loss and think about weight loss but never actually lose weight. Those people are just playing at weight loss and aren’t really serious. It’s great to discuss losing weight, but you’ve got to take steps to actually lose weight instead of just talking about it.

8. You aren’t ready for change

Losing weight successfully almost always requires you make drastic changes in your lifestyle. Sometimes they are physical changes, like exercising, and sometimes they are emotional changes, like dealing with food in a healthier manner. Change can be scary, but remember that the prospect of staying overweight forever is definitely scarier and more dangerous to your health.

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