5 Products to Help Runners Stay More Visible in the Dark

Don't let the shorter days of fall keep you from your running routine. These five products will help you to stay visible while out on the road.

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Now that fall is officially here, and we’ve transitioned off Daylight Savings Time, the days have gotten a lot shorter. But just because it now gets dark earlier doesn’t mean you have to stop running outside. Staying visible is the key to running in the dark, while staying safe in the process. Here are five products that can help you to do just that.

Nite Ize LED Marker Band ($11.99)

One of the cheapest, and easiest, ways to stay visible out on the road in the early morning hours or at night it to add an LED Marker Band from Nite Ize to your running apparel. These lightweight, thin, and flexible bands wrap around the arm and provide enough light to be seen up to a mile away. They are weather resistant and highly efficient, with the built-in battery lasting for as much as 100,000 hours of use. The Marker Bands are so comfortable to wear that you’ll forget you even have them on. Be sure to buy one for each arm so that you are visible in all directions.

Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp ($29.95)

Depending on where you are running, it is not only important to be visible to others, but to be able to see your route too. A good headlamp will help you do that, and the Princeton Tech Sync is a great choice for runners. Weighing just 3 ounces, the Sync is comfortable to wear, bright (up to 90 lumens), and easy to operate. It has three lighting options, including a spot beam, flood beam, and a red lamp, all of which are controlled with a simple twist of the power dial. On top of that, one set of batteries can last up to 200 hours, which means you won’t have to replace them often.

Griffin LightRunner Smartphone Armband ($39.99)

Griffin’s excellent LightRunner armband is a product that not only allows you take your smartphone with you on a run but helps you to stay more visible out on the road too. The LightRunner has LED lights built right into the band, which help to let others know that you’re there. Those lights can be set to flash in three different eye-catching patterns as well, which only increases the overall level of visibility. Most of us carry our phones with us on our runs these days anyway, so why not use an armband that can help us to be safer too?

180s Strobeanie ($50)

Fall weather doesn’t just bring shorter days; it usually ushers in cooler temperatures too. That means it might also be time to break out your warmer running gear to help fend off the cold. The Strobeanie from 180s will not only keep your noggin warm, it’ll also make you more visible as well. This form-fitting cap features an integrated strip of LED lights along the back and a line of bright, reflective stitching that runs 360 degrees around the outside. Both work together to increase visibility dramatically on those cold autumn nights.

Sugoi Zap Run Jacket ($160)

If you’re looking for a jacket to wear on your cool evening runs, look no further than the Sugoi Zap. Both water and wind resistant, yet still highly breathable, this jacket is made from highly reflective materials that shine brightly even in the dimmest of lights. With this piece of clothing in your closet, you won’t hesitate to head out for a run, no matter the weather conditions or time of day.

The best strategy for staying visible on your autumn runs probably involves several of the products listed above. Each functions well independently, of course, but when working in tandem they will provide a much higher level of safety. Don’t let your fitness goals slip away just because there are now fewer hours of daylight. Instead, make yourself more visible and hit and the road.

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