5 Great Running Podcasts To Enhance Your Jog

Looking for a bit of inspiration and advice on how to improve as a runner? Why not give one of these five outstanding podcasts a listen?

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Looking for ways to become a better runner and stay entertained while out on the road? Why not add some running podcasts to your fitness repertoire? The top running podcasts will help you improve your form, pick up the pace, and offer ways to improve your conditioning too. You’ll also get tips on the latest running gear and hear inspirational stories from other runners who are faced with the same challenges that you are.

Here are just a few of my favorites that I find interesting and informative.

RunnersConnect Run to the Top  

Packed with interesting interviews and great tips from some of the top names in running, the Run to the Top podcast is specifically designed to make you a better runner. Topics of discussion have ranged from hitting a wall while trying to lose weight, how your style of breathing can affect performance, and the benefits of yoga and weight training for the serious runner. Each episode is roughly an hour long, which is just enough time to offer plenty of good advice without becoming boring. That duration is also good for listening while actually running too.

Everyday Runners

Hosted by long-time running coach Matt Johnson, this podcast isn’t aimed at elite athletes but instead is geared toward the average person just like you and me. This makes it more relatable for listeners, as the guests that are featured on the show are often dealing with the same issues that we face. Topics include staying motivated over the long term, improving speed and form, and using running as a tool to enhance your overall health and fitness. Johnson offers solid, practical advice that can help runners of all experience levels become better.


Because this is a video podcast you won’t be able to watch it while you run, but the iRunFar show is still well worth your time. Aimed mainly at the trail-running and ultramarathon crowd, the podcast features gear reviews, race reports, and the latest news from the world of endurance sports. Most episodes are under 10 minutes in length, but still feature lots of information that long-distance runners will appreciate. For the rest of us, there is still plenty of inspiration to be had, as many of the guests are interesting personalities who thrive on completing tough challenges that involve a fair amount of suffering.

Endurance Planet  

Although it is generally aimed at long-distance runners and triathletes, this podcast still has a lot to offer runners of all ages and experience levels. Host Tawnee Prazak shares the mic with a diverse list of guests who talk about everything from training and recovery to nutrition and sports medicine. The podcast also provides updates on the latest news from the running world and talks about some of the newest approaches to improving our health and fitness too. This well-rounded list of topics makes it a must listen for those who are serious about becoming better runners and leading an overall healthier lifestyle.

Running Story  

This one is relatively new, with just a few episodes under its belt so far, but it looks very promising indeed. Each episode runs about 30-45 minutes and focuses on the story of a single runner. That person shares what got them started in the sport, why they enjoy it so much, and what running has taught them along the way. Their stories are often raw and emotional but are good a good source of inspiration for listeners. All of us have our own personal reasons for why we run, and that helps to make this a podcast that just about anyone can relate to.

These are just a few of the many running podcasts that are available on the internet; there are dozens of others to listen to as well. Chances are that no matter what your skill level or running goals, someone has a show that will meets your needs. All you need to do is find the one that speaks to you and give it a listen.

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