39 Things You Need To Make Your Home Cozy And Ready For Fall

Bring the colors, symbols, and scents of the season into every room.

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During the dog days of summer, it might not feel like cooler temperatures will ever arrive. But trust us: Autumn is right around the corner, and now’s the time to get your home ready for the falling leaves and crisp air of this beloved season. Fortunately, Amazon’s got everything you need to fall-ify your home. We’re talking autumnal decor, cozy stuff to fill your digs, seasonal art, and (of course) pumpkin spice everything. Here’s your guide to the best fall stuff for your home that you can find on Amazon.

1. The Coziest Addition to Your Couch for Fall

If tossing this seasonal throw blanket on your sofa was all you did to get ready for fall, that would be enough. The Tache Fall Farmhouse Patchwork Throw Blanket brings a palette of fall colors and patterns to your couch. The brown and orange squares allude to the changing colors of the foliage, while the plaid patches give this blanket a cabin-like quality. Plus, the ultra soft fleece is super snuggly—perfect for a cozy night in during this fresh, crisp time of year.

2. Lean against some leaves.

So you’ve tossed a cuddly throw blanket on your couch, but you’re looking for a way to take this cozy area of your home to the next level for fall. Enter the LEIOH Fall Decor Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Covers. The set features four distinctive foliage designs, including a striking red sugar maple leaf and foliage with artfully blotchy color patterns. If you want to plump up your couch just a little more, toss them on top of solid-colored throw pillows in hues like burnt red, marigold, and evergreen. Your couch will look like it belongs in a magazine.

3. Waft the scent of the season through your home.

No matter what time of year it is, the Village Candle Spiced Pumpkin-Scented Glass Jar Candle will fill your home with the quintessential scent of fall: pumpkin spice. The sunset-orange paraffin wax candle is infused with the fragrance of pumpkin, with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger. Light it, and anyone who steps foot inside your home will suspect that you’ve got a scrumptious pumpkin pie baking right now—even if your oven’s completely empty.

4. Set the mood with flameless candles.

As much as most people love classic scented candles, the fire hazard they present makes them difficult to have around when you have a big family or pets. Fortunately, Flameless Candle LED Lights With Decorative Fall Leaves give you the same romantic lighting you’d expect from a conventional candle in a completely safe form. It won’t offer the same scent, but the gorgeous leaf decoration more than makes up the difference. Pop them on a nightstand, table, or in strategic places throughout your house.

5. Twinkle lights aren’t just for Christmas.

Fall’s the time of year when the sun starts to set earlier and earlier each day. Keep your home bright and festive with a battery-powered fall garland. This one features orange and yellow maple leaves wrapped around copper twinkle lights with adorable pumpkin accents. They’re the perfect decoration for a fall get-together—but we wouldn’t be surprised if this pretty garland stays hung all the time this season.

6. K-Cups in All the Fall Flavors

While pumpkin spice reigns supreme in the land of fall flavors, there are a variety of other seasonings to savor in autumn. This Coffee Variety Pack For Keurig K-Cup Brewers seems to capture just about every fall flavor into one handy pack. Start your mornings with coffee flavors like butter toffee, spiced apple cider, caramel apple, cinnamon roll, caramel creme, vanilla velvet, and classic pumpkin spice. Pop one of these in your brewer and relish in the tastes of fall as you start your day.

7. Get your pumpkin spice fix at home.

Some of us just can’t make it through the season without the sweet taste of pumpkin spice first thing in the morning. Rather than falling into the expensive trap of buying a pumpkin spice latte from your go-to cafe every day, stock up on Fall In Love Pumpkin Spice Flavored Ground Coffee, so you can brew your own right at home. You’ll notice an autumnal aroma with notes of cinnamon and spice as soon as you open the bag. And the taste is even better once you brew it into a steaming cuppa Joe.

8. The Seasonal Tea That Will Become Your Year-Round Favorite

Coffee isn’t your thing? Don’t worry—you don’t have to live without pumpkin spice drinks. Twinings of London Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Bags infuse fine black tea leaves with that same beloved pumpkin spice flavor found in the season’s most popular espresso drinks. Serve it with milk for a latte-like beverage, or just drink it black for a robust burst of flavor to jumpstart your day. Who ever said pumpkin spice was strictly for coffee?

9. A Mug for All Your Beloved Fall Beverages

With all the warm drinks around in the fall, you’ll definitely need a nice big mug to help you savor every last drop. The Hello Pumpkin Campfire Mug is perfect for just that. The limited-edition mug’s cute hand-lettered design, bright orange hue, and wide mouth will have you reaching for it for months. Could you think of any vessel more perfect for all those pumpkin spice lattes? Neither could we.

10. Rustic Decor Inspired by Harvest Season

If you have ever driven through the countryside during the cooler months, there’s no doubt you’ve seen those giant bundles of recently harvested wheat dotting sprawling fields. Bring a piece of that glorious view indoors with a Blonde Club Wheat Bundle Tied With Raffia. Throw it into a vase for a delightfully rustic table centerpiece, or hang it on a wall for a subtle fall accent. The soft blonde color will match just about any style of decor. And if you treat it with care, this dried wheat bundle should last for years, making it a much better investment than disposable decorations.

11. A Wall of Foliage for Fall

Whether you live in a boxy urban apartment with no great view outside or a tropical environment where palm trees dominate, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning beauty of the fall foliage. Fortunately, Wall26 has found a way to bring the glorious sight indoors in the form of peel-and-stick wallpaper. This fiery red tree mural is easily applied to any flat, dry surface either inside or outside your home. And when you’re ready for a new seasonal view, simply peel it off and slap on another scene.

12. Fall foliage that actually lasts all season long.

Fall foliage is a fleeting phenomenon. It seems like one minute, gorgeous leaves fill the trees. And the next, the branches are bare and leaves are in big piles on the ground. Bring some of this magic inside (and keep it there throughout the season) with Moon Boat Fall Artificial Maple Leaves Decoration. The box contains 500 individual leaves that look completely realistic. They make for a lovely decoration when tossed on a dining room table, stuffed in a clear glass bowl, wrapped around candles, or woven into a wreath.

13. Douse your pumpkin pancakes with this spiced syrup.

Pumpkin pancakes are a brunch staple come autumn. But rather than relying on the same-old pancake syrup, why not kick them up a notch with Runamok Maple Cardamom-Infused Organic Maple Syrup? The cardamom perfectly complements the array of flavors in the pumpkin spice of your pancakes. Or, you can add a splash to your pumpkin chai, pumpkin spice latte, spiced cider, and any of your other favorite fall treats.

14. The Only Plates Worthy of Your Thanksgiving Feast

Switching out your regular dishes with something more seasonal is a premium way to welcome the start of fall into your kitchen. The Better Homes and Gardens Fall Botanical Leaves Design 16-Piece Ironstone Dinnerware Set has a watercolor aesthetic that will look graceful beneath a slice of apple pie, a pile of pumpkin pancakes, or Thanksgiving dinner. The affordable set includes four dinner plates, salad plates, and soup bowls, along with a couple of ramekins and salt and pepper shakers. Why would you serve a fall feast on anything else?

15. Glowing Acorns for Your Patio

Even though summer’s over, you can still enjoy your outdoor spaces well into autumn with the right decorations. Spruce up your patio, porch, or garden with Impress Life Decorative Acorn Lights. The delicate strand of glowing copper acorns adds a sophisticated look to the rest of your fall decor. These lights can also be used indoors—drape them around a doorway, along a table, or over your bedroom headboard to infuse every room in your home with an elegantly understated motif of the season.

16. Pumpkin Treasure Chests for Your Halloween Candy

Fall is the time of year when we tend to gather around the dining room table more often than usual, so it makes sense to zhush it up with some seasonal accents. This Pumpkin Table Centerpiece Bowl Set serves the dual purpose of giving your table a fall look and storing Halloween candy to munch on while you’re hanging out. The design of the orange and white bowls seems like it was plucked right out of Cinderella, with their bulbous shapes and twisted vine wire holders. They’re both whimsical and stylish at the same time.

17. Create a bathing ritual for fall.

We live for cold showers during the hot summer months. But come fall, all we want to do is soak in a warm bath. The Level Naturals Autumn Bath Bomb Variety 6-Pack will turn your standard soak into an autumn bathing ritual. The pack contains three fall scents: Pumpkin spice, cinnamon vanilla, and apple cider. Drop one of the balls into the tub and watch it fizz and bubble, creating a botanical bath that will nourish your skin and melt away stress.

18. These placemats are like fine art for your table.

If you’re hosting dinner parties this fall, you’ve got to get your table ready for guests. These Ambesonne Bicycle Place Mats will add just the fall atmosphere you’ve been looking for. The art on the placemats captures the scene of a late October day with the vibrant red leaves of a sugar maple blowing away with the wind and the orange bike you’d want to ride around town on throughout the chilly months. Plus, it’ll protect your table from spills, scuffs, and scratches in the most beautiful way.

19. The Last Rake You’ll Ever Buy

Speaking of fall foliage, you’re probably going to need to spend a weekend or two raking up piles of leaves. The Gardenite 63-Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake is the right tool for the job. The adjustable head expands and contracts to give you just the right size claw for tidying up any space in your lawn. And if you accidentally leave it outside on a rainy day, don’t fret—the steel handle is plated with zinc to help prevent rust and keep this rake going for seasons to come.

20. Put your passion for fall on full display.

Want to show your neighbors just how much you love autumn? Hang this Oakwood Silk Door Wreath on your front door. The 22-inch handcrafted wreath bursts with leaves, pine, cones, wheat stalks, silk foliage, and orange flowers. The orange and brown wreath will add serious curb appeal to your home throughout the fall season. And when you’re ready to tuck it away until next year, just use the sturdy white storage box that comes with the wreath. It’ll protect it from dust, dings, and damage.

21. Fireplace or not, you need a log bin.

Got a fireplace? Lucky you. The Panacea Products Mission Log Bin With Log Carrier is just what you need to have your chopped wood at the ready when you want to sit around the fire this fall. But even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can still use this log bin to give your apartment or house a cabin atmosphere. There’s just something cozy and warm about having logs on display in your living room.

22. Carve the best jack-o-lantern in the neighborhood.

Whether you’re 8 or 80, you can always have fun carving a pumpkin. And for under $20, the Halloween Haunters Ultimate 12-Piece Professional Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit will give you everything you need to carve an exquisitely detailed jack-o-lantern. The kit contains six double-sided sculpting tools, mini saws to carve out shapes with precision, and special blades to hack away the pumpkin guts. All that’s left is picking out the perfect pumpkin and figuring out exactly what kind of face to give it.

23. Enjoy the great outdoors without tracking it inside.

With the fresh, crisp air, cool breeze, and striking scenery, fall is one of the best times of year to be outside—but you have to be wary of tracking dirt and soil into your home. An autumn-themed doormat, like the Toland Home Garden Pumpkin Tower Doormat, is exactly what you need to wipe off your shoes and add to the decor of the outside of your home. The imagery, with three stacked pumpkins and a black bird wearing a scarf, will look just right around Halloween—but isn’t too spooky to have around all season.

24. A Fall Facelift for Your Bedroom

If you’re so into autumn that you even want to give your bedroom a fall makeover, we’ve got just the thing for you: The NEWLAKE Striped Classical Cotton 3-Piece Patchwork Bedspread Quilt Set. It combines perky floral patterns and bold stripes of color with forest hues to bring a sense of seasonal cheerfulness into your bedroom. The quilt is designed to stay on the bed all year long, just in case you can’t bear to let the fall go once the season ends.

25. A Splash of Pumpkin on Your Window

You know what’d look great next to that fall bedding? A pair of pumpkin-colored curtains, like these ones from GoodGram. They’ll give any room just the pop of color you’re looking for this season. The sheer voile allows plenty of that golden sunlight to shine right through your bedroom, but still offers a sense of privacy from passersby. Orange not your jam? The company also has the same curtains in red and chocolate, which also fit the fall theme.

26. A Place to Put Your Bounty

If all the themes of fall could be boiled down into just one symbol, it’d probably be the cornucopia. It represents the full bounty of the season’s harvest. The Lucky Clover Trading Harvest Basket brings that sense of abundance into your home. You can fill it with whatever you consider your personal bounty, like a collection of mini pumpkins, a haul of fresh produce from the farmers’ market, dried flowers and wheat, or something else entirely. Or, just leave it empty as a traditional decorative centerpiece.

27. A Table Runner You Can Dress Up

When it comes to decorating your table for fall, you want a set up that’s casual enough to leave on all the time but fancy enough for those occasional dinner parties. Enter the DII Cotton Woven Heavyweight Table Runner With Decorative Fringe. The “pumpkin spice check” pattern immediately splashes an autumnal look onto your table. The fringe gives it a relaxed feel that works for lunches. But the table runner could also be dressed up with an elaborate centerpiece and decorative candles. Best of all? The price—this table runner clocks in at under $10, leaving plenty of room in your budget for that ornate centerpiece.

28. A Tablecloth That Amplifies the Feeling of Fall

Perhaps a tablecloth makes more sense than a runner for your dining room. Amazon’s got you covered with the Montvale Woven Jacquard Tablecloth. Between its palette of red, gold, and orange, and its textured foliage pattern, this tablecloth delivers a sense of fall elegance wherever you use it.

29. Art That Creates an Autumnal Ambience

Switching up the art in a room can dramatically shift the ambiance of the space. This fall, why not display a seasonal scene, like this three-panel canvas from My Easy Art? One glance at the print and your mind’s immediately transported to a brisk fall afternoon hiking through the forest. You can practically hear the crunch of dried red maple leaves under your feet and feel the warm setting sun on your skin. Talk about atmosphere!

30. Embroidered Dish Towels to Drape in Your Kitchen

There’s something pleasant about having fresh dish towels with designs that reflect the season. It makes your kitchen seem even more orderly and welcoming. Looking for new ones this fall? Try the DII Cotton Decorative Thanksgiving Dish Towels. The set features three distinct embroidered details: Leaves with acorns, a pumpkin with a green vine, and a floral and foliage sprig. Plus, they’ll come in handy with all the cooking and baking you’re likely to do this season.

31. Steep your bathroom in a fall scene.

Let’s get real: If you’ve started to decorate your bathroom, you’ve got a serious case of fall fever, and we’re cheering you on. A splashy shower curtain, like this maple leaf-themed one from Ambesonne, will give you the biggest decorative bang for your buck. The birch tree-inspired backdrop combined with the colorful leaves will breathe fall into your bathroom. Every morning when you go to shower, you’ll be instantly reminded of your favorite season.

32. Drop your toothbrushes in a jack-o-lantern.

Perhaps you’re looking for an understated way to celebrate fall in your bathroom (or just something to complement that flashy shower curtain!). The Lakeside Collection Halloween Pumpkin Toothbrush Holder is a charming way to bring a sense of Halloween to the bathroom. With its gapped-tooth grin, the whimsical ceramic jack-o-lantern will also serve as a regular reminder to keep up with your dental hygiene—especially after all that Halloween candy.

33. Don’t pull your pies out of the oven without this.

Ready to get your pie game on point this season? Start by picking up a festive oven mitt that will protect your hands. This Kay Dee Designs Autumn Leaves & Pumpkins Oven Mitt is just the right fit for someone who wants a beautiful, yet functional product for baking. The handy loop means you can hang this useful item where it’s most convenient, so you’re never stuck scrambling for something protective when the pie’s ready to come out.

34. The Dish for All Your Favorite Fall Desserts

What’s your favorite fall pie? Apple? Pumpkin? Pecan? No matter your answer, you can bake it in the Emile Henry Made-In-France HR Modern Classics Pie Dish. The dish’s burgundy color will make any pie look just a little bit more autumnal. And check out that wavy ridge—press your crust against it before baking to give your pie a fancy finish. You can thank us later.

35. Stock your pantry with this essential stuff.

Nothing’s worse than running to your grocery store when you want to whip up a quick pie, only to discover there’s been a run on cans of pumpkin and your grocer’s fresh out. Stocking up on a few cans of Libby’s 100% Pure Pumpkin now will ensure you’re never in a bind when you’ve got a hankering for pumpkin pie.

36. A Fall Upgrade for Your Floors

So you’ve got your fall dish towels, some orange curtains, a cozy couch set-up, and some aromatic candles. What more do you need to fall-ify your home? The Ottomanson Glamour Collection Contemporary Moroccan Trellis Design Area Rug will amp up your autumn decor. The bright orange color pays homage to pumpkins, while the trellis design tones down the overall look—perfect for a contemporary kitchen that wants just a touch of country for the season.

37. These turkey candle holders are too cute not to have around.

It’s obvious that The Lakeside Collection Turkey Tea Light Candleholders were designed with Thanksgiving dinner in mind. But these little guys are so cute, we don’t see a problem with using them throughout the season. You could flock them together in the center of the dining room table. Or, you could tuck them in nooks throughout your home, like on a bookshelf, coffee table, windowsill, or kitchen countertop. You (and your guests) will smile every time you spot one.

38. Accessories for Even the Tiniest Kitchens

Small upgrades in decor can go a long way toward infusing your home with autumn. Take the Collections Etc Fall Leaves Dining Table Accessories Set, for example. Both the napkins and salt and pepper shakers hide behind something much more pleasant to look at: vivid fall leaves. They can add some fall colors throughout your kitchen without the need to make major changes in decor. And the functionality of this set makes it a welcome addition to homes that are tight on space.

39. The Tissue Box That Turns Your Home Into a Cabin

With allergies and colds on the rise, chances are good that someone in your household will be reaching for the tissues this season. Why not put them in this wooden tissue box holder from Redwood & Sage? Anything wooden fits in well to fall decor, and this holder looks a lot nicer than whatever’s on the cardboard box your tissues are in. Plus, the solid construction keeps the box firmly weighted down, making it much easier to grab a tissue.

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