Heather Gannoe is an ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist who is passionate about sharing her love of fitness with everyone she meets. After experiencing the physical and emotional benefits of exercise after giving birth to her two young sons, Heather decided to change her career path, and returned to Coastal Carolina University to study Exercise and Sport Science. Heather's true love in the fitness world is running, both road and obstacle course races. She has completed well over 75 races (including 7 full marathons and 17 half marathons) in her short running career. An avid blogger and social media participant, Heather frequently documents her training and shares her experiences on her blog, www.RelentlessForwardCommotion.com. Heather's number one goal in her career is to help as many people as she can develop a love for being active, and in doing so, help change not only the status of our society's obesity epidemic, but change individuals lives.